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Foil Insulation

Foil insulation is a thin blanket made out of aluminum, thermo-foam and polypropylene. It is specifically designed to prevent condensation, and retain heat within your home. It can be used either as a vapour control layer (internally) to keep the heat in or as a breathable membrane (externally) to avoid the build-up of moisture. It's an ideal product to accommodate areas where high insulation values are required with limited space available.

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Foil Tape 75mm x 45m


£12.76 --> £12.76 Ex. Vat  
£15.31 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL Superior Foil Tape 100mm x 20m


£14.50 --> £14.50 Ex. Vat  
£17.40 Inc. Vat  

Superfoil General Purpose Wrap 3mm x 7m x 1m


£17.49 --> £17.49 Ex. Vat  
£20.99 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL SFTV 1L 1mm x 1.2m x 20m


£26.13 --> £26.13 Ex. Vat  
£31.36 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL Standard Foil Tape 100mm x 20m


£12.76 --> £12.76 Ex. Vat  
£15.31 Inc. Vat  

SuperFoil Insulation - FREE Sample Pack


£0.00 --> £0.00 Ex. Vat  
£0.00 Inc. Vat  

Thinsulex TLX Silver Multifoil 1.2m x 10m (12m2 roll)


£86.76 --> £86.76 Ex. Vat  
£104.11 Inc. Vat  

Superfoil SFBA MP - All Sizes


£51.14 --> £51.14 Ex. Vat  
£61.37 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL SFUF 6mm x 1.5m x 8m


£82.13 --> £82.13 Ex. Vat  
£98.56 Inc. Vat  

Superfoil Pipe Wrap 8cm x 7.5m


£5.55 --> £5.55 Ex. Vat  
£6.66 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL SF19BB 40mm x 1.5m x 10m


£101.15 --> £101.15 Ex. Vat  
£121.38 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL SF19 Plus 45mm x 1.5m x 10m


£102.42 --> £102.42 Ex. Vat  
£122.90 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL SF40 65mm x 1.5m x 10m


£175.46 --> £175.46 Ex. Vat  
£210.55 Inc. Vat  

Thinsulex TLX Gold Multifoil 1.2m x 10m (12m2 roll)


£158.83 --> £158.83 Ex. Vat  
£190.60 Inc. Vat  

Actis Triso-Super 10+ (16.00m2 roll)


£205.80 --> £205.80 Ex. Vat  
£246.96 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL SFTV (1mm x 1.5m) All Lengths


£44.99 --> £44.99 Ex. Vat  
£53.99 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL Butyl Overlap Tape 10m x 3mm


£13.95 --> £13.95 Ex. Vat  
£16.74 Inc. Vat  

Actis Triso-Sols 12.6m x 1.6m (20m2 roll)


£248.04 --> £248.04 Ex. Vat  
£297.65 Inc. Vat  

Actis Boost'R Hybrid 6.7m x 1.5m Reflective Breather Membrane


£64.90 --> £64.90 Ex. Vat  
£77.88 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL SFBB 1mm x 1.5m x 25m


£63.26 --> £63.26 Ex. Vat  
£75.91 Inc. Vat  

Superfoil SF19FR 40mm x 1.5m x 10m


£108.16 --> £108.16 Ex. Vat  
£129.79 Inc. Vat  

Actis Hybris 1200mm x 1145mm - All Sizes


£23.40 --> £23.40 Ex. Vat  
£28.08 Inc. Vat  

Superfoil SF60FR 100mm x 1.5m x 8m


£207.98 --> £207.98 Ex. Vat  
£249.58 Inc. Vat  

Superfoil Rad Wrap 60cm x 5m


£17.81 --> £17.81 Ex. Vat  
£21.37 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL SFNC 20mm x 1.2m x 8.3m


£219.63 --> £219.63 Ex. Vat  
£263.56 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL SF60 100mm x 1.5m x 8m


£198.45 --> £198.45 Ex. Vat  
£238.14 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL SF40FR 65mm x 1.5m 10m


£182.73 --> £182.73 Ex. Vat  
£219.28 Inc. Vat  

SuperFOIL SF40BB 75mm x 1.5m x 10m


£183.41 --> £183.41 Ex. Vat  
£220.09 Inc. Vat  



£81.25 --> £81.25 Ex. Vat  
£97.50 Inc. Vat  

Actis Boost'R Hybrid Roof 35mm x 10m x 1.5m (15m2 pack)


£138.00 --> £138.00 Ex. Vat  
£165.60 Inc. Vat  

What is foil or multifoil insulation?

When it comes to the insulation in lofts, people often refer to fiberglass or mineral wool insulation. However, there is one more type of insulation, which is sometimes overlooked by people and is known as Foil Insulation. Foil is a good insulation material because of its highly reflective properties. This type of insulation is a thin layer of foil, which makes homeowners think whether if it will perform well. Technological innovations have resulted in new materials, including thinner, more flexible and increased insulating properties. You can now install thermally dynamic multifoil insulation to the existing conservatory roof or wall, without losing much headroom at all.

How does multifoil insulation works?

The composition of multiple layers of insulation effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer like radiation, convection, and conduction. Internal foil layers are effective in winter and by reflecting the heat back into the building and creates a barrier in solar overheating during summer.

categories and role of internal foil layers


Advantages of Multi Foil Insulation

There are many advantages to installing foil insulation for your home.

  • High performance

Foil insulation is a high-performance insulation material. Compared to traditional types of insulation materials, foil insulation performs extremely well in a much slimmer profile. This type of insulation is 3-5 times thinner than other traditional insulation, which is often very thick in structure. However, this does not mean putting question marks on its effectiveness. Foil insulation produces SF60, which is one of the highest multi-foil insulations in the UK and in the world, making multifoil insulation a top choice for homeowners and building contractors.

  • Save Energy

This advantage is directly related to thermal comfort because multifoil insulation can reduce the loss of heat. It will take less power or energy to heat your indoor space and keep it cozy and warm. You can think the same for the summer months as it will reduce the amount of heat transfer and thus your cooling systems will maintain a moderate temperature.

  • Thermal Comfort

You might not know but on average, the loss of heat for a home is 13% for external doors and windows, 7% for the floor, 25% for the walls, and 30% for the roof. Well, this is a huge concern for many homeowners because that is a lot of space to lose heat from. On the other hand, thin multifoil insulation material, which will reduce this heat loss significantly. Therefore, your indoor space will stay cozy and warm during a freezing cold winter. Foil Roof insulation forms a great radiant barrier, which reflects a significant amount of heat away from your indoor space and helps to keep your house cooler in the summer.

What are the benefits of multifoil insulation?

  • Easy to handle
  • Long lifespan
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient

What is U-value for foil insulation?

U-Value is a measure of how easily heat can pass through a material. The lower the U-value the better the thermal performance. Check the Actis Multifoil U-Value calculator and follow the on-screen instructions.

When you opt to install foil insulation you have two options. You can install it on your own (DIY Project) or hire an expert to get the job done for you. While the first one might seem daunting, you must understand that with appropriate information and good experience, it is not difficult to install foil insulation when you select the right product.

For example, you must choose the insulation that you can easily handle, so that you won’t have any trouble installing it as a DIY Project. This way, you won’t be worried about the protective equipment like you typically would use when installing other types of traditional insulation.

How to install Foil Insulation over the rafters?

The installation of foil roof insulation on the rafters is easy and it completely depends on you whether you wish to install foil insulation in a vertical or horizontal manner.

Moreover, if you choose the horizontal, it is important to start the process from the bottom and work your way up making sure the foil insulation overlaps at each joist. However, if you choose vertically, make sure to start the insulation from a high point and then roll it down.

When you start installing foil insulation, it is important to use a quality stapler. Always remember to apply an appropriate amount of tension when you are stapling. You must do it at 50 to 100 mm intervals. Once done, you need to cut the insulation in order to adjust its length. This way, you are ready to work on the next layer.

Additionally, while overlapping the joints, make sure you keep it to a 50mm lap. Concentrate on the areas where the joints cross the rafter and staple onto the rafter. Next, you need to use a high-quality tape for sealing all the joints.

Remember, it is important to trim the foil insulation especially around at the eaves around the rafters. Seal it to the wall plate using the tape. In addition, if there are any cuts or tears, use the tape to cover them.

The next step is to check for the air space, which will allow you to install a batten. The next thing you need to install is a breathable membrane on the batten. Once done, you will install tile batten and tiles.

Another necessary aspect you need to remember is to add a control layer for a vapor check behind the plasterboards. We recommend it for insulation over the rafters as it will help reduce interstitial condensation.

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