SuperFOIL SFUF 6mm x 1.5m x 8m Floor Insulation
SuperFOIL SFUF 6mm x 1.5m x 8m Floor Insulation
SuperFOIL SFUF 6mm x 1.5m x 8m Floor Insulation
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, SuperFOIL SFUF 6mm x 1.5m x 8m Floor Insulation
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, SuperFOIL SFUF 6mm x 1.5m x 8m Floor Insulation
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, SuperFOIL SFUF 6mm x 1.5m x 8m Floor Insulation
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SuperFOIL SFUF 6mm x 1.5m x 8m


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By choosing SuperFOIL insulation you can save yourself time, effort, space money over traditional forms of insulation. Because SuperFOIL consists of multiple layers of radiant barrier foil, it can protect against heat loss through radiation that non-foil insulation offer no protection against.

Additionally, by installing as a continuous layer and sealing fully, multifoil insulation provides an air and vapour barrier. Controlling air leakage such as draughts is paramount to the achieve high levels of energy efficiency. SuperFOIL SFUF is certified under CE for its use as a vapour water barrier.

Key Features:

  • 3 in 1 – Vapour control layer, Radiant Barrier and Foil Insulation layer in one.
  • ZAG Certified
  • Suitable For: New Build, Retrofit, Extensions
  • Usage: Roof, Wall & Floor
  • Roll Length: 8m
  • Roll Width: 1.5m
  • Total Coverage: 12sqm
  • Roll Thickness: 6mm
  • Core Thermal Resistance: 0.8R (m2K/W)
  • W1 Water Tight
  • Water Vapour Resistance: 1200+MNs/g
  • Euroclass: Class E (Behind Plasterboard)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the composition of SuperFOIL SFUF insulation? SuperFOIL SFUF is a multi-layered insulation product, typically comprising layers of reflective foil and other materials designed for effective thermal insulation.

What is the thickness of the SuperFOIL SFUF insulation roll? The SuperFOIL SFUF insulation roll has a thickness of 6mm, providing a balance of insulation performance and flexibility for various applications.

What are the dimensions of the SuperFOIL SFUF roll? The SuperFOIL SFUF roll is 1.5 meters in width and 8 meters in length, offering ample coverage for a range of insulation projects.

What type of applications is SuperFOIL SFUF suitable for? SuperFOIL SFUF is versatile and can be used in various applications, including walls, roofs, floors, and other areas where effective thermal insulation is required.

Is SuperFOIL SFUF easy to install? Yes, SuperFOIL SFUF is designed for ease of installation. It can be cut to size and installed using standard tools, making it suitable for both DIY projects and professional installations.

Does SuperFOIL SFUF provide any additional benefits besides thermal insulation? In addition to thermal insulation, SuperFOIL SFUF may offer other benefits such as a radiant barrier, helping to reflect heat and enhance energy efficiency in the insulated space.

Is SuperFOIL SFUF suitable for use in both new construction and retrofit projects? Yes, SuperFOIL SFUF is suitable for both new construction projects and retrofit applications. It can be integrated into existing structures to improve insulation performance.

Can SuperFOIL SFUF be used in combination with other insulation materials? SuperFOIL SFUF can be used in conjunction with other insulation materials to achieve enhanced thermal performance. However, it's essential to follow recommended guidelines and best practices for layering insulation materials.

What is the expected lifespan of SuperFOIL SFUF insulation? SuperFOIL SFUF is designed to be durable, and when installed correctly, it can contribute to long-term insulation performance. The expected lifespan may vary based on environmental factors and usage.

Where can I purchase SuperFOIL SFUF 6mm x 1.5m x 8m? SuperFOIL SFUF is available for purchase at You can find detailed product information and place an order directly through their website.

    Length 8m
    Width 1.5m
    Coverage 12sqm
    Thickness 6mm
    Weight_kg 6.2
    Brand Superfoil

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