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Space Blanket is a premium range of 'encapsulated' glass mineral wool products for use between ceiling joists or on top of existing insulation. Feel free to contact us by phone on 020 3582 6399, or Live Chat for expert advice.
Spacetherm Blanket (All Thicknesses) 2.4m x 1.2m
Spacetherm Blanket (All Thicknesses) 2.4m x 1.2m Loft Insulation
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What is Aerogel insulation?

A synthetic low- density material which is formed by removing the liquid from the gel under special conditions in the process a solid three-dimensional nanoporous structure which contains 99 per cent of air is formed and is known as aerogel. 

Aerogel insulation is also known as a Space blanket insulation and is suitable for walls, roofs and floors and is ideal for retrofits and refurbishments. Blanket insulation has a low environmental impact with unrivalled thermal performance. 

Aerogel Insulation market Insight 

Benefits Of Using Space Blanket Insulation

Space blanket insulation is an excellent way of improving the thermal efficiency of your home. On top of making your home warmer and cosier, it’s also a great way towards making your home even more energy-efficient. Think of Space Blanket as thermal protections layered around your house, acting as a shield retaining the heat inside, controlling the temperature in your home, while keeping the cold outside. You will find many types of insulation materials, and choosing the right type of insulation is a critical step that should be given extra consideration depending on which part of your house you are working on. Insulation is found in every part of a house (or building), the roof, the windows, the attic, internal and external walls and even under your feet. It keeps the heat inside the house and makes your home a much more comfortable place for you and your family during the harsh cold days of winter.

Why Use Space blanket insulation in your home?

Space blanket was originally developed for space travel by Nasa. It’s a light heat-reflective plastic sheet that can be easily spread through your house to reduce convection. Space blankets are simply one of the best forms of insulation that you can use to increase heat retention. Space blanket insulation is found in all sorts of buildings, from homes and offices to hotels from Acapulco to Saint Petersburg. And that’s not surprising when you take into consideration its multiple benefits and ease of installation. This is like building a thin foil envelope around your house that ensures there is no heat escape and keeps the cold air at bay.

The Benefits Of Using Space Blanket Insulation Are-

  • Stay warm in winter

Space blanket insulation retains as much heat as possible from your house. So you can enjoy your house without having to turn on the stove!

  • Keep cool in the summer 

The reflective property of space blanket insulation comes handy when the temperature soars outside. The most important function of the blanket is to control the temperature within your house.

  • Soundproofing 

Even though it wasn’t designed as sound insulation (after all, in space no one can hear you scream they say). It will also reduce external sounds and noise that comes with over-excited neighbours. Don’t be fooled by the thin layer and lightweight properties of Space Blanket insulation, it will go a long way in soundproofing your house.

  • It is a thin and lightweight material which makes it easier to work with, unlike other insulation materials.
  • It is waterproof and not affected by moisture.
  • They are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic which makes them safer to handle. Also, fewer pieces of equipment are involved in installing and fixing them
  • They do not degrade over time due to integration and compacting and absorbing moisture.
  • You can find them available both in the online and offline markets.


This maybe is the only disadvantage to Space Blanket insulation and that is the cost. It is very very expensive insulation when compared to PIR, Phenolic or mineral wool type insulation. 

Understand how houses lose heat

  • Radiation 

Radiation is a form of heat loss through infrared rays - sunlight is a good example for radiation of heat, where the heat is transmitted in a straight line from a hot surface to a cooler surface. 

  • Convection 

Another way of losing heat from your house, because the heat is transferred through liquid and gas movement. This is also the reason why water is hotter at the top than at the bottom. 

  • Conduction  

This happens when through a material or more than one material then heat transfers itself by touching each other. Metal and water are good conductors of heat, and it is a very good example as well. 

These are the reasons why most houses are losing heat. Space blankets goes a long way to address this issue. They are easy to handle and anyone can install them. For that reason, they are very popular with DIY enthusiasts and you will often find them in roofs as many DIYers appreciate their ease of installation.

The crucial materials that one can use are –

  • Mineral wool and Glass wool as insulators

Both mineral wool and glass wool are excellent insulation materials. However, even though there are differences in the fiber types, both wool types share common applications. They are both known for their sustainability and their insulation properties, such as fire protection, acoustic soundproofing, and of course thermal insulation properties. They help by maintaining and balancing temperature inside your house or your office. The wool type is determined with both fiber and filament, and there is a wide range of options available in the market.

Did you know that even marathon runners are using space blankets to help stay warm at the end of a race? Such is the potential of space blankets, it protects them from the cold but also keeps the heat in, as the body heat of the runner is reflected back to the runner! No more excuses.

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