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Insulation Roll

Choose from our range of high performance insulation rolls and Increase your thermal insulation power today!
Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll 44 Combi-Cut - All Sizes

Knauf Earthwool

£14.79 --> £14.79 Ex. Vat  
£17.75 Inc. Vat  

Knauf Earthwool Acoustic Roll - All Sizes

Knauf Earthwool

£26.99 --> £26.99 Ex. Vat  
£32.39 Inc. Vat  

Knauf Earthwool 100mm Loft Roll 44 Combi-Cut (13.89m2 roll)

Knauf Earthwool

£17.25 --> £17.25 Ex. Vat  
£20.70 Inc. Vat  

Knauf Earthwool 200mm Loft Roll 44 Combi-Cut (5.93m2 roll)

Knauf Earthwool

£14.79 --> £14.79 Ex. Vat  
£17.75 Inc. Vat  

Knauf Earthwool 150mm Loft Roll 44 Combi-Cut (9.18m2 roll)

Knauf Earthwool

£17.49 --> £17.49 Ex. Vat  
£20.99 Inc. Vat  

Isover Spacesaver Combi-Cut - All Sizes


£18.10 --> £18.10 Ex. Vat  
£21.72 Inc. Vat  

Knauf Earthwool 170mm Loft Roll 44 Combi-Cut (8.01m2 roll)

Knauf Earthwool

£16.65 --> £16.65 Ex. Vat  
£19.98 Inc. Vat  

Isover APR 1200 (All Sizes)


£30.63 --> £30.63 Ex. Vat  
£36.76 Inc. Vat  

Rockwool Twin Roll 100mm (6.60m2)


£39.40 --> £39.40 Ex. Vat  
£47.28 Inc. Vat  

Superglass Multiroll 44 - All Sizes


£15.17 --> £15.17 Ex. Vat  
£18.20 Inc. Vat  

Rockwool Roll - All Sizes


£45.16 --> £45.16 Ex. Vat  
£54.19 Inc. Vat  

ODE Starflex Loft Roll


£12.17 --> £12.17 Ex. Vat  
£14.60 Inc. Vat  

ODE Starflex APR Roll


£12.84 --> £12.84 Ex. Vat  
£15.41 Inc. Vat  

Knauf Earthwool OmniFit Roll - All Sizes

Knauf Earthwool

£22.20 --> £22.20 Ex. Vat  
£26.64 Inc. Vat  

Isover Party Wall Roll 100mm


£39.50 --> £39.50 Ex. Vat  
£47.40 Inc. Vat  

Insulation Rolls - Introduction

Insulation is always beneficial to a house, and you can find various types of insulation products online. One of the most common types of insulation, used in the residential houses is Blanket or Roll insulation. The manufacturers store the insulation product in roll form, hence, we call it insulation roll. Fiberglass is a very common material, used for the rolled insulation products.
How insulation roll is different from other insulations?
Most of us confuse insulation roll with batt insulation. The users also think that one of them is better than another one. However, both these products have high effectiveness to insulate the ceiling part of a house. You can find the major difference in the way of installing the product. For the insulation roll, you have to roll out the item between the joists of the ceiling. However, for insulation batts, you can install them in pieces.
For this insulation (fiberglass), the R-value ranges between 2.2 and 2.7 per inch. However, for cellulose insulation, it ranges from 3.2 to 3.8 per inch.

You can find insulation roll in a variety of sizes, and it is easily transportable. This insulation is the best option to both the professionals and the DIY enthusiasts.
Sealing the air before dealing with the insulation
We know the fact that insulation enables us in saving energy with the prevention of heat transmission from your house or into your house. Everything is reliant on the climatic conditions. However, this insulation may not stop the infiltration of air through the cracks and gaps in the outer shell of your house. Thus, you can start sealing air leaks, while you are installing the roll insulation.

Like any other insulation product, our rolled insulation has also R-value. It indicates thermal resistance capacity of the product for averting the heat transmission. The increasing thickness and density of insulation also cause an increase of R-value. While this R-value is higher, you can enjoy better properties of insulation. However, the price may also be slightly higher.
We have now listed the R-values of insulation products of different thickness level.

R-values Thickness

13 = 3 5/8 Inches

11 = 3 ½ Inches

21 = 5 ¼ Inches

30 = 8 ½ Inches

15 = 3 ½ Inches

Now, you will easily be able to choose the product, checking the insulation thickness and R-values. The price of the products may vary due to the variation in the R-values.
You know that climatic factors help you to find out the insulation product with the right R-values. Still, it is always better to buy the roll insulation that has higher ratings. Its initial price may be higher. However, your house will have better level of insulation and you will be able to save energy on cooling and heating. You will enjoy higher energy efficiency in your house. You can sell your house faster and at a better rate.

Where to use insulation roll?You may purchase insulation roll for installing it at different places• Timber frame outer wall• Internal timber and concrete floor• Partition Walls• Roof Junction

Most of the insulation rolls have soundproof capacity and heat reflection ability. These products also offer you acoustic comfort to your house. Some professionals may apply the insulation for loft floor of your house.
Various elements used for the insulation rolls-
MMMF or man-made mineral fibers are highly useful for various insulation products. These fibers are of various types, including the glass wool and rock wool. MMMF is applicable for pipe insulation and acoustic and thermal insulation in lots of houses.

Thermal insulation rolls have become very popular to the constructors and builders. The high-quality products have the best thermal performance. You can buy the reliable mineral wool insulations, having medium level density. It is better to install them in the loft of your house. They are non-combustible components, capable of enduring the temperature level of about 1000˚C.
Perhaps what is most impressive about insulation rolls is that they have fireproofing properties. The occupants of your house will get time to escape from the fire hazard. These insulation products also control or reduce the fire damage to your household property.

Mineral wool-based products work as acoustic insulation. You can install it on the interior walls or metal-made stud partitions of the commercial houses. It will help you to follow all the acoustic regulations in your region.
These acoustic roll insulation products not only have sound absorption properties but also reduce the vibration level. They have non-directional orientation of fibers, and as their structure has porosity, it is capable of trapping the sound waves. Thus, the sound waves cannot get into your house.
When the roll length is longer, it helps in faster installation. The professionals check out that the friction level fits rightly between closes joints and studs, and it is effective for better sound insulation. The Ready-cut rolls are available in various widths and thicknesses.

In some non-combustive and lightweight insulation rolls, you can find glass mineral wool. Recycled glass is the source of eighty percent of materials, applied for manufacturing the product. That is why these insulation products are eco-friendly options to the users. They are vapor and water-resistant. While you have used them for walls of your house, these walls will have high breathability. They have also high fire-resistant capacity. For protection, the manufacturers wrap them with polythene.
Insulation rolls are available in various types- loft, foil, acoustic, thermal and multi-layer. You may purchase them, based on your purpose. Check out the technical details of the products and buy the best one for insulating your house.

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