SuperFOIL SF40 65mm x 1.5m x 10m Wall Insulation
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SuperFOIL SF40 65mm x 1.5m x 10m

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Introducing SuperFOIL SF40-15, a cutting-edge multi-foil insulation designed to deliver exceptional value for money while revolutionizing your approach to insulation. This high-performance solution combines three essential functions in one, serving as a vapour control layer, radiant barrier, and foil insulation. LABC Approved and certified under CE for use in the UK, SF40-15 ensures top-notch performance in new builds, retrofits, and extensions. Its versatility spans across roofs, walls, and floors, offering a comprehensive thermal resistance with a 65mm thickness and providing reliable protection against heat loss through radiation. The 10m roll length and 1.5m width make installation a breeze, covering a total area of 15sqm. SuperFOIL SF40-15 stands out for its W1 water tightness, water vapour resistance exceeding 1200MNs/g, and Euroclass E rating behind plasterboard. Say goodbye to traditional insulation challenges and embrace an efficient, cost-effective, and certified solution with SuperFOIL SF40-15.

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1: Vapour control, radiant barrier, foil insulation
  • LABC Approved, CE certified for UK use
  • Versatile: Ideal for roofs, walls, and floors
  • Efficient: 65mm thickness, excellent thermal resistance
  • W1 Water Tight, Euroclass E rating

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SuperFOIL SF40-15? SuperFOIL SF40-15 is a high-performance multi-foil insulation that combines three functions in one: vapour control layer, radiant barrier, and foil insulation.

Where can I use SF40-15? SF40-15 is suitable for various applications, including new builds, retrofits, and extensions. It can be used on roofs, walls, and floors.

What are the key features of SF40-15? SF40-15 offers a 3-in-1 solution, is LABC Approved, CE certified, and provides excellent thermal resistance with a thickness of 65mm.

How do I install SF40-15? Installation is straightforward. Roll out the 10m length, cut as needed, and secure it as a continuous layer. Ensure proper sealing for effective air and vapour barrier.

What is the total coverage of a roll of SF40-15? Each roll of SF40-15 covers 15 square meters, making it convenient for various project sizes.

What certifications does SF40-15 have? SF40-15 is certified under CE for use in the UK and has been tested to the highest standards.

Is SF40-15 water-resistant? Yes, SF40-15 is W1 water-tight, providing protection against water infiltration.

Can SF40-15 be used behind plasterboard? Yes, SF40-15 has a Euroclass E rating and is suitable for use behind plasterboard.

How does SF40-15 compare to other SuperFOIL products? SF40-15 stands out for its 65mm thickness, offering enhanced thermal resistance compared to other SuperFOIL options.

    Length 10m
    Width 1.5m
    Coverage 15sqm
    Thickness 65mm
    Weight_kg 17.5
    Brand Superfoil

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