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Sheep Wool Insulation

100% natural Sheep Wool Insulation. Eco friendly and perfect for Loft insulation and Internal Walls. You will often find it in timber frame structures due to its high synergy with wood. Its natural fibres absorbing properties are 35% more effective than most regular insulation. Feel sheepish? Contact us by phone on 020 3582 6399 or chat with us Live Chat. To know more about Sheep wool insulation Read Our Guide.


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£68.26 Ex. Vat   £68.26 Ex. Vat £81.91 Inc. Vat   £81.91 Inc. Vat £68.26 Ex. Vat   £68.26 Ex. Vat £81.91 Inc. Vat   £81.91 Inc. Vat £61.43 Ex. Vat   £68.26 Ex. Vat £73.72 Inc. Vat   £81.91 Inc. Vat £68.26 Ex. Vat   £68.26 Ex. Vat £81.91 Inc. Vat   £81.91 Inc. Vat



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Sheepwool SilentWool Joist Insulation


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Sheepwool SilentWool Floor Insulation


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Sheepwool SilentWool Carpet Insulation


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Black Mountain Natuwool Rolls - All Sizes

Black Mountain

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A short Guide to Sheep wool insulation

Wool insulation is made from Sheep wool fibres which are either bonded using recycled polyester or are mechanically held together to form rolls, ropes and batts. Sheep wool insulation is also known as wool insulation, natural insulation or fibre insulation. Natural sheep wool insulation is effective for both acoustic and thermal insulation.

Sheep wool insulation is a natural, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable material. Wool insulation causes no issue to the health of people or the environment, it does not require any protective wearing while installation like fibreglass insulation. To decrease heating bills and reduce the heating cost you need to insulate your home. Sheep wool is nature's most effective insulator and has a crimped nature, which helps to form millions of tiny air pockets while packing or bonding wool fibre to trap air.

The environmental benefits of sheep’s wool insulation are many. Each kg of natural fibre product locks up about 2-3 kg of carbon dioxide which helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Thermal Conductivity of sheep wool insulation is between 0.035-0.4 W/mK which makes sheep wool a better insulator. Sheep wool insulation can be used throughout the entire house from loft, floors, external walls and internal walls.

Advantages of sheep wool insulation

  • Environmental friendly

Sheep wool is fully biodegradable at the end of its life. It is entirely renewable as the supply of wool continues to grow back every year. Wool can be washed or recycled and can be used for multiple other purposes.

  • Absorbs moisture

Sheep wool material can absorb and release moisture without losing any of the thermal qualities. Sheep wool will keep its insulation value even if moisture is present in the building. Sheep's wool is hygroscopic, so it can absorb around 25% of its own weight in moisture before its thermal efficiency drops. This ability to absorb water helps control humidity levels and reduces condensation within your home.

  • Health benefits

Sheep wool insulation absorbs chemicals and pollutants which helps purify the air quality within your home. It is proven to absorb and neutralise harmful substances. Sheep wool insulation actually has many health benefits as it absorbs harmful and odorous substances like formaldehyde, Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide to regulate a good indoor climate.

  • Easy to install

Sheep wool insulation is highly recommended as it is safe to handle, non-irritant and is easy to work with. While installing wool insulation protective mask and clothing is not required makes it an easy DIY product. It is flexible, so it is easy to cut to size and can be pushed to corners easily.

  • Non-flammable

Wool insulation is naturally fireproof or fire retardant. Sheep wool is the only fibre that not only naturally resists flaming, but self-extinguishes with the removal of flame. In case if the house installed with sheep wool insulation catches fire it burns much slower when compared to other types of insulation. Natural wool insulation doesn’t release any harmful chemicals while burning.

  • Ionic Protection

Biocide free wool protection system is known as Ionic protection. Ionic protection acts as a natural moth repellent and prevents the fibre from being eaten.

  • Other Sheep wool advantages
  1. It’s breathable
  2. It offers excellent sound insulation
  3. It doesn’t sag over time as the natural fibres hold in the wool hold the shape.
  4. It doesn’t give off any nasty chemicals.
  5. It can be used horizontally or vertically.
  6. Sheep wool is 100% natural product
  7. By applying sheep’s wool in your house, the percentage of volatile and harmful gasses can be reduced by 50%!

What is the life expectancy of sheep wool insulation?

The life expectancy of sheep wool insulation is 60-70 years. Sheep wool insulation so not requires maintenance and repair as it holds its shape well and does not slump over time.

What are the disadvantages of Sheep wool insulation?

  • Lower thermal efficiency

The U-value of sheep wool insulation is around 0.16 which is more when compared to other insulation materials. Sheep wool does not offer the best thermal qualities overall.

  • Expensive to install

How much does wool insulation cost?

The cost of sheep wool insulation optimal roll with pre-cut width of 3x380mm and thickness of 75mm is around £67.90. On average sheep wool insulation (optimal roll) will cost £9.93 per square meter plus vat.

Our range of natural insulation products currently available from vary from 100% sheepwool insulation to wood fibre mats. Each of these insulation materials has a unique aspects in which it creates a healthier, comfortable and more energy efficient.

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