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Rockwool Thermal and Sound Insulation products are easy to cut and to install. Refine by Category or Thickness to find the right product, whether its Rockwool Loft insulation or Rockwool Flexi that you are looking for. Need expert advice? Contact us by phone on 020 3582 6399, or Live Chat - Free Delivery on all orders over £300 - Hassle Free Return Policy. Read Our Guide
Rockwool RWA45 600mm x 1200mm (All Sizes)


£14.51 --> £14.51 Ex. Vat  
£17.41 Inc. Vat  

Rockwool Flexi-Slab - All Sizes


£17.67 --> £17.67 Ex. Vat  
£21.20 Inc. Vat  

Rockwool Twin Roll 100mm (6.60m2)


£39.40 --> £39.40 Ex. Vat  
£47.28 Inc. Vat  

Rockwool RW3 1200mm x 600mm (All Sizes)


£23.07 --> £23.07 Ex. Vat  
£27.68 Inc. Vat  

Rockwool Roll - All Sizes


£45.16 --> £45.16 Ex. Vat  
£54.19 Inc. Vat  

Rockwool Cladding Roll - All Sizes


£34.90 --> £34.90 Ex. Vat  
£41.88 Inc. Vat  

Rockwool Cavity 455mm x 1200mm - All Sizes


£20.50 --> £20.50 Ex. Vat  
£24.60 Inc. Vat  

Rockwool RW5 1200mm x 600mm (All Sizes)


£18.06 --> £18.06 Ex. Vat  
£21.67 Inc. Vat  

Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab 600mm x 1200mm - All Sizes


£57.17 --> £57.17 Ex. Vat  
£68.60 Inc. Vat  

Rockwool Insulation

Rockwool is a leading manufacturer of mineral wool insulation. Known for their sound insulation properties as well as their exceptional thermal and fire performance, their products are used in multiple applications in both residential and commercial buildings. They offer a vast range of popular products such as Rockwool Flexi Slab, Rockwool Cavity Wall, and semi rigid acoustic insulation to name just a few.

RW Slab Range

With RWA45, RW3 and RW5, rockwool’s slab range offers all rounder solutions that delivers excellent thermal performance coupled with fantastic acoustic and fire insulation. Whatever the application is, roof, floor, wall or loft insulation, Rockwool’s slab is always a great option and comes highly recommended within the construction industry. 

Rockwool Cavity

Rockwool cavity wall insulation is specifically designed for masonry walls. It is semi-rigid and full-fill insulation that is suitable for both new buildings and extensions. Lightweight and easy to handle, the batts are simple to install and provide a close fit against brick and blockwork, adapting to imperfections in the cavity wall.


High-Performance Partial Fill Cavity Slab: Provide efficient thermal insulation for both frame and masonry constructions. It has a thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK. 

ENERGYSAVER: This product improves the efficiency of energy in your home. It is an effective solution that boasts high thermal performance. It is Euro Class A1 non-combustible and at the same time offers outstanding sound absorption. 

Full Fill Cavity Batts: This product is essential for weather-tight protection. It is water-resistant, has a Euroclass A1 reaction to fire, and the thermal conductivity is 0.037 W/mK. 

Insulated DPC: This product has high resistance to fire and works effectively to minimize thermal bridging at the window and door that area revealed in cavity wall constructions. 

TCB Cavity Barrier: One of the best products for minimizing heat loss and air leakage between the separating party wall and the external cavity wall. The product is not affected by thermal change, shrinkage, or movement in the building. 

PCWB Cavity Barrier: This product is useful for minimizing air leakage and heat loss between the separating cavity walls. It has a fire resistance of up to one hour. 

  1. Flat Roof Insulation

Rockwool flat roof insulation is specifically designed to meet the requirements of contemporary roofing systems. Rockwool flat insulation provides durable solutions, which do not only simplify design but also lower the expenses. The best products in this category are:

HARDROCK Multi-Fix (DD): The product is compatible with a wide range of roofing systems. It has excellent fire resistance and acoustic properties. The reaction to fire is A1 BS EN 1350-1 with thermal conductivity of 0.039W/mK. The water vapor resistance of this product is 5.9 MNs/gm. 

HARDROCK Multi-Fix Angle Fillet: A perfect insulation product for sealing the area between the vertical and horizontal interfaces of a flat roof. The product provides a clean and smooth transition between these interfaces. It is also a good waterproofing solution.

HARDROCK Multi-Fix Recovery Board: It is difficult to maintain the surface of the roof to protect the property – both in domestic and commercial settings. Hard Rock multi-fix boards are non-combustible and work well with flat roof membranes including Bitumen, Singly-ply, EPDM, and liquid-applied systems. 

Acoustic Infills: This is a tissue-faced product that reduces the build-up noise, absorbs incident sound, as well as lowers the reverberation time. The product is excellent when it comes to creating a peaceful and quieter acoustic atmosphere. 

Acoustic Membrane: This product is a flexible polymeric mass layer used for improving sound insulation. The product is ideal for “use” in hospitals, schools, airports, cinemas, and other commercial buildings. 

  1. Floor Insulation

Rockwool insulation has the best product for all types of floors including ground floors, intermediate floors, and separating floors. 

Acoustic ROCKFLOOR: This product provides a strong and excellent impact sound protection. The product is mostly used in buildings with multiple-occupancy or high-rise buildings. 

Thermal ROCKFLOOR: This product delivers high energy efficiency as well as a cozy indoor environment. The lower density of Thermal ROCKFLOOR absorbs many imperfections. The higher density layer of the product has a strong load resistance. 

FLEXI: With this product installed, you can avoid poor acoustics and cold spots. FLEXI can be used in any part of the home. It is an ideal insulation product for any flooring system. FLEXI has flexible edges, which overcome the issues with timber shrinkage. 

  1. Cladding Insulation

The range of products in this category offers excellent soundproofing performance and outstanding fire protection. 

RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB: This product is suitable when it comes to protecting your property from the environment. RAINSCREEN is A1 non-combustible. The product is BRE tested and approved by BBA. When installed, it provides weatherproofing, thermal protection, and improved acoustic performance. 

Cladding Roll: Suitable for both industrial and commercial buildings. It is an economical product by Rockwool Insulation that provides stability and consistency in thermal performance in the roof, wall, and floor applications. 

EWI Slab: Rockwool has designed this product for exterior insulation. EWI Slab is a stone wool insulation used in external insulation systems. The product is rates Euroclass A1 non-combustible and the insulation material will not burn.

Timber Frame Slab: Rockwool has designed this product taking into account acoustic performance, fire & thermal resistance. It offers low thermal conductivity, high resistance to fire, and excellent acoustic performance as its sound absorption properties are exceptional. It is easy to install into timber frames. 

Steel Frame Slab: The product works exceptionally well in buildings with steel frame construction or structure. Rockwool insulation has engineered this product to provide optimal performance in terms of fire resistance, improved acoustics, and thermal conductivity in external walls. 

  1. Roll Products

Rockwool Roll Products are engineered to provide outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation. All products in this category are used in a wide range of building applications including flooring and roofing systems.

Twinroll: The best Rockwool insulation product for suspended ceilings. The product is made from mineral wool that can be installed in all types of buildings. It provides excellent fire resistance, acoustic and thermal performance. 

Rollbatt: Rockwool Rollbatt is a perfect solution for reducing noise levels in the building as well as increasing thermal resistance. The product’s thermal conductivity is 0.044 W/mK.

Roll: This product is one of the best loft insulation solutions for horizontal loft applications. It is an all-round high-specification solution for acoustic and thermal performance. It also provides excellent fire resistance. 

Other Products

There are many other products manufactured by Rockwool Insulation Company. The availability of numerous products provides an all-round solution to people living in the UK for insulating their properties. 

Pitched Roof Insulation 

Rockwool Insulation offers a wide range of products that you can use between and over the rafters. The Pitched Roof Insulation products such as ROCKFALL and ROCKPRIME Blown Loft Insulation deliver tranquility due to their exceptional fire resistance and sound absorption properties. 


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