Actis Eolis HC 135mm x 1.5m x 8m (12m2 Roll)
Eolis HC 135mm x 1.5m x 8m (12m2 Roll)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Eolis HC 135mm x 1.5m x 8m (12m2 Roll)
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Eolis HC 135mm x 1.5m x 8m (12m2 Roll)


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  • Integrated vapor barrier and self-adhesive lap for easy installation.
  • Triplex technology reflects 90% of infrared radiation for optimal thermal resistance.
  • 135mm thickness, seamless design, and reflective properties ensure year-round comfort.

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Introducing Actis Eolis HC, your ultimate solution for efficient insulation and airtightness in one go! Designed to be installed on the warm side of any insulation material, this reflective insulation boasts an integrated vapor barrier, saving you time and effort during installation. With its lightweight and irritation-free composition, handling and fitting Eolis HC is a breeze, even in tight spots, thanks to its seamless continuous layer design. The Triplex technology ensures superb thermal resistance, reflecting up to 90% of infrared radiation to prevent overheating in summer. Say goodbye to tedious cutting between timbers – Eolis HC's integrated self-adhesive lap seals joints effortlessly, while its 135mm thickness and generous 12m² rolls ensure ample coverage for your insulation needs. Say hello to simplicity and efficiency with Actis Eolis HC from!

Key Features:

  • Unique technology
  • Self-adhesive lap
  • Flexible
  • High thermal resistance
  • Dual performance
  • Inherently airtight
  • Exceptional durability
  • Reflective properties provide summer comfort and winter warmth
  • Suitable for ≥ 100mm rafters


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Actis Eolis HC? Actis Eolis HC is a reflective insulation with an integrated vapor barrier, designed to provide dual functionality by offering insulation and achieving airtightness in a single installation.

Where should Actis Eolis HC be installed? It should be installed on the warm side of any insulation material, typically behind the internal finish.

What are the key features of Actis Eolis HC? Integrated vapor barrier, Lightweight and non-irritating, Integrated self-adhesive lap for easy joint sealing, No precision cutting required, making installation quick and easy and Continuous layer design for enhanced airtightness and reduced thermal bridging.

What is the Triplex technology used in Actis Eolis HC? The Triplex technology provides thermal resistance of 5.67m² K/W with two air cavities (horizontal heat flow), ensuring excellent insulation performance.

How does Actis Eolis HC prevent overheating in summer? Its reflective films can reflect up to 90% of infrared radiation, helping to limit overheating during warmer months.

What are the dimensions and coverage of Actis Eolis HC rolls? Actis Eolis HC is available in rolls measuring 135mm thick and 1.5m wide by 8m long, providing a coverage area of 12m² per roll.

Is Actis Eolis HC suitable for DIY installation? Yes, Actis Eolis HC is designed for easy handling and installation, making it suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Can Actis Eolis HC be used in conjunction with other insulation materials? Yes, Actis Eolis HC can be used alongside other insulation materials to enhance overall thermal performance.

Is Actis Eolis HC environmentally friendly? Actis Eolis HC is manufactured with environmental considerations in mind and is designed to be energy-efficient, contributing to sustainable building practices.

Brand Actis
Coverage 12m2
Length 8m
Thickness 135mm
Width 1.5m
Air Permeability Airtight EN 12114
Fire Resistance Class F EN 13501-1
Water Resistance Watertight EN 13859-1
Core Thermal Resistance 4.35m2K/W EN 16012
Nominal Weight 8.5 kg/m2

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