SuperFOIL SF19 Plus (All Sizes) Wall Insulation
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SuperFOIL SF19 Plus (All Sizes)


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Discover the ultimate insulation solution with SuperFOIL SF19 Plus, available in various sizes at This high-performance multi-foil insulation is a game-changer, offering remarkable value for money. With its innovative 3-in-1 design, it functions as a vapor control layer, radiant barrier, and foil insulation, all in a single roll. LABC approved and suitable for new builds, retrofits, and extensions, SuperFOIL SF19 Plus ensures exceptional thermal resistance for roofs, walls, and floors. Its 45mm thickness and water vapor resistance of 1200+ MNs/g make it a reliable choice for energy efficiency. Trust in its quality as it has been rigorously tested to the highest standards and carries CE certification as a vapor and water barrier. Make the smart choice for insulation – save time, effort, space, and money with SuperFOIL SF19 Plus from

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1 Insulation: Combines vapor control, radiant barrier, and foil insulation
  • LABC Approved: Meets building standards
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for roofs, walls, and floors in new builds or retrofits
  • Dimensions: 10m x 1.5m roll, 45mm thickness, covering 15sqm
  • Thermal Resistance: Core: 1.63R, Roof: 2.54R, Wall: 2.97R (m2K/W)
  • Water Tight (W1): Resistant to water
  • Vapour Resistance: 1200+ MNs/g
  • Euroclass E Certification: Suitable for use behind plasterboard


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SuperFOIL SF19 Plus? SuperFOIL SF19 Plus is a high-performance multi-foil insulation designed to provide vapor control, radiant barrier, and foil insulation in one product.

Where can I use SuperFOIL SF19 Plus? This versatile insulation is suitable for various applications, including roofs, walls, and floors, making it ideal for new builds, retrofits, and extensions.

Is SuperFOIL SF19 Plus LABC Approved? Yes, SuperFOIL SF19 Plus has received approval from the Local Authority Building Control (LABC), ensuring it meets stringent building standards.

What are the dimensions of the SuperFOIL SF19 Plus roll? The roll comes in a convenient 10m length, 1.5m width, providing a total coverage of 15 square meters.

What is the thickness of SuperFOIL SF19 Plus? SuperFOIL SF19 Plus has a thickness of 45mm, offering effective insulation for enhanced energy efficiency.

What thermal resistances does it offer? SuperFOIL SF19 Plus provides various thermal resistances, including 1.63R (m2K/W) for the core, 2.54R (m2K/W) for roofs, and 2.97R (m2K/W) for walls.

Is SuperFOIL SF19 Plus water-tight? Yes, it is W1 Water Tight, ensuring resistance to water and contributing to its durability and effectiveness.

What is the water vapor resistance of SuperFOIL SF19 Plus? SuperFOIL SF19 Plus boasts a water vapor resistance of 1200+ MNs/g, enhancing its performance in controlling moisture.

Is SuperFOIL SF19 Plus certified for use as a vapor and water barrier? Yes, it is certified under CE for its use as a vapor and water barrier, meeting European standards for quality and performance.

What Euroclass certification does SuperFOIL SF19 Plus have? SuperFOIL SF19 Plus is Euroclass Class E certified when used behind plasterboard, ensuring its compliance with fire safety standards.

    Length 10m
    Thickness 45mm
    Weight_kg 13
    Brand Superfoil
    Material Type Multifoil

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