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Celotex Insulation

Full range of Celotex insulation below. You will find every product from Celotex ga4000 to xr4000 on this page. Filter by size: Celotex 25mm, 50mm or 100mm, to refine your search. Need expert advice? Contact us by phone on 020 3582 6399, Live Chat - Free Delivery on all orders over £300 - Hassle-Free Return Policy - Read Our Guide

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Foil Tape 75mm x 45m



Celotex CW4075 75mm



Celotex CW4100 100mm



Celotex CW4085 85mm


Celotex CW4060 60mm


Celotex CW4050 50mm



Celotex CW4040 40mm


Celotex Guide

Celotex Insulation board is a multi-purpose insulation board that provides solutions to overcome cold spots in walls/floors/roofs/cavities and much more. Cold spots can be created from the lack of insulation in some areas which can cause damp to appear on walls or condensation. Celotex insulation boards consists of foil facings on both sides.

1. What is Celotex made of?

Celotex Insulation has been manufactured from tough polyisocyanurate (PIR) by using a perfect mix of certain blowing agents which acquires zero ozone depletion potential (zero ODP) and a low global warming impact. In other words, this product is easy on the environment and will keep your home warm for many years after it is installed. Thus saving on your heating and cooling costs.

2. What is Celotex Insulation used for?

Celotex Insulation boards can be used in many different applications. We will list just some of the applications this insulation board is most used for today below.

  1. Subfloor applications
  2. First floor in between ceiling joists
  3. Attic space between ceiling joists
  4. Roof space cut between rafters
  5. Basement internal walls
  6. Crawlspaces under suspended floors
  7. Timber frame construction on internal and external walls
  8. Masonry construction on internal and external walls
  9. Steel framed construction on internal and external walls

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of applications for this product. There are many more applications in which we have seen these products used in such as caravans, campervans, industrial uses such as oil refineries, tunnels, trains, buses and so much more. So if you think you may not be able to use Celotex Insulation in a certain application think again and call us.

3. Celotex thickness?

Celotex thicknesses goes from 12mm right up to 200mm with various different product codes for different applications. Below we will outline some of them.

TB4000 Range: TB4012, TB4020, TB4025, TB4030, TB4040
GA4000 Range: GA4050, GA4060, GA4070, GA4075, GA4080, GA4090, GA4100 (Celotex 100mm)
XR4000 Range: XR4110, XR4120, XR4130, XR4140, XR4150, XR200
PL4000 Range: PL4015, PL4025, PL4040, PL4050, PL4060
CW4000 Range: CW4050, CW4060, CW4075, CW4085, CW4100

All the above products are readily available with Insulation4less with 3 - 5 day lead times.

4. Is Celotex dust dangerous?

Celotex products are not classified under Chip3 regulations, thus they are not considered to be hazardous. However, in some cases dust may cause irritation to the lugs if prolonged exposure occurs. Ingestion and inhalation should be avoided if possible and a dust mask is recommended when cutting the insulation. If you experience irritation for a prolonged period of time after working with Celotex Insulation it is recommended to seek medical advice.

Celotex sell a specific saw which is designed to reduce dust during cutting.

5. Does Celotex have asbestos?

The quick and short answer to this question is no. At no point is asbestos introduced to Celotex during the manufacturing process.

High performance at no extra cost:

Celotex Insulation is a high performing PIR insulation board is environmental-friendly. It certainly helps in reducing the excessive and unnecessary usage of energy and resources like the use of gas or oil-fired boilers within the home. Thus reducing your carbon footprint over many years. In warmer climates, it will also reduce the need for air conditioning units by keeping the heat out and the cold in. It is designed to eliminate cold spots and has an excellent performance in timber frame and masonry walls. It features a thermal conductivity of 0.022W/mK for providing better insulation.

Celotex's Benefits and cost savings:

Celotex provides reliable and long-term energy-saving solution for buildings of all shapes and sizes, which ultimately results in low-cost electricity and heating bills. It is suitable in numerous applications such as roof, floor, walls, basements and attics. It achieves the required U-values with minimum thickness with ease. It also helps in meeting the current as well as future requirements of the Building Regulations.


Celotex has achieved A+ rating when it is compared to BRE Green Guide and has certification from BBA certificate number 95/3197 and 09/4667.

The A+ rating is for all Celotex Insulation products within its range. Including TB4000, GA4000 and XR4000 ranges.

Key Features:

  1. Features a good reaction to fire when measured in accordance with new European standards
  2. Comes in conveniently sized boards for installation between cavity wall ties
  3. A very cost-effective insulation
  4. Very strong product that will not break easily
  5. Easy to install and handle
  6. Keeps performing long after it is installed for many many years
  7. Lightweight product and easy to unload off a truck
  8. Easy to cut making it easy then to install
  9. Lightweight for ease of manoeuvring around site
  10. Celotex Insulation has foil facings on both sides

Recent Name Change:

Recently Celotex boards went under strict review due to the Grenfell Tower incident. As a result, most of the general application boards (Celotex GA4000 and Celotex TB4000 range) were downgraded in their thermal performance from 0.022 to 0.023. As a result of this Celotex changed the names of the boards affected by this to TB3000 and Celotex GA3000 range.

This change as a result of the Grenfell Tower disaster has now been undone. Celotex and local government testing has done extensive testing on all the Celotex range and as a result, the new Celotex TB4000 and Celotex GA4000 range meets the required standards to meet the Thermal Conductivity of 0.022. As of now all Celotex range of products listed here meets and exceeds all requirements set upon it.

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