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Gyproc Promix Lite Joint filler

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Thistle Bonding Coat

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METAL CORNER TAPE 50mm x 30mtr






Thistle Bond-It

British Gypsum


What is plasterboard?

Plasterboard is one of the most widely used building material. It is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate also known as gypsum and is layered with heavy-duty construction paper. Celotex insulation boards consists of foil facings on both sides.

In construction, Plasterboard helps builders and designers to control condensation, fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation. Plasterboards are usually used to make internal walls and ceilings. They are also known as wall panels, gypsum boards, wallboards.

What are the different types of plasterboards?

Moisture resistant plasterboard

Moisture resistant plasterboards are usually used for a bathroom or kitchen. In the core of moisture resistant plasterboards, an additive is mixed to make it moisture-proof. Silicon or Wax additive is mixed in the core of plasterboards to make them moisture resistant. These boards are specially designed for high moisture and humidity.

Vapour control or vapour barrier plasterboards

In a Vapour control or vapour barrier plasterboards, a thin layer of metallic foil is attached to the rear side of the sheet which helps to stop warm vapours to pass through the sheet. This sheet is commonly used to keep a space warm and well insulated.

Impact-resistant plasterboards

The core of impact plasterboards is very dense and is designed to resist the impact on day-to-day strikes. Impact-resistant plasterboards are required on places which are subject to high level of wear and tear like hallways, schools, hospitals, and other areas which are prone to minor damages on a daily basis.

Acoustic Plasterboard

The density of acoustic plasterboard is higher than a standard plasterboard which helps in noise reduction and transmission. There are two main concepts for acoustic insulation one is sound absorption and the other is sound transmission between two available spaces. When you use acoustic plasterboards, it will provide you with a more private and comfortable life as they are designed to reduce the transmission and vibration of noise.

Fire-resistant plasterboard

Fire-resistant plasterboards offer better protection against fire when compared to other plasterboards. It is advised to use fire-resistant plasterboards in high fire hazard areas. The minimum fire resistance stated by building regulations according to the application of the material is mentioned in the table below

Fire resistance

Insulated plasterboard

A layer of insulating foam is integrated with a standard plasterboard on the rear side to improve thermal insulation. They are integrated with a multilayer foiled coating of aluminium on both sides. Insulated boards are tough and lightweight. They are usually used on internal walls to improve the thermal performance of the wall.

How much is the size and thickness of the plasterboard?

Plasterboards are available in several sizes and thicknesses.

Plasterboard Sizes vary and large sheets are usually 2.4m x 1.2m in size and are available in thickness of 9.5mm – 200 mm.

where can you install plasterboards?

Advantages of plasterboards

  • Plasterboards are easy to install
  • They are cost-effective
  • They have a low impact on the environment
  • They are easy to repair and replace
  • They have a smooth finish
  • They are recyclable
  • Plasterboards are versatile so can be decorated or painted as desired

How to cut plasterboard?

  • It only requires basic tool and skills to cut a plasterboard
  • Measure and mark the cut you want to make on the plasterboard.
  • Use this mark to cut a straight line by plasterboard sharp knife.
  • Always while cutting check if you are staying on the line you have marked.
  • And when you want to cut a hole inside a plasterboard measure and mark the hole
  • Use the plasterboard hammer to bang on the line to make a 50mm space to insert saw.
  • Cut along the marked line and check if you are staying on the line.

TIP: The finer the tooth of the saw the better will be the finish on the plasterboard.

How to install insulated plasterboard?

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