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A bit of history first...

The global manufacturing company Kingspan was created in the 1960s by Eugene Murtagh from Co.Cavan, in Ireland. Back then the company was making wheelbarrows. But soon, its founder Eugene spotted an opportunity in composite roof panels and began manufacturing Insulated Roof Panels and Rigid Insulation.

Fast forward to 1989 and Kingspan began floating in the Irish stock exchange for £20m Irish pound. Since then, Kingpsan has kept on growing and to this day, it continues its drive in Europe and in the UK, so much so that even the fall out of the 2008 crisis was quickly put behind, and in 2010 Kingpsan's sales were growing again for the first time in 3 years.

It is a well respected company that has developed a unique expertise in its field, along with countless different forms of Polyiso insulation board over the years. With such a wide array of products, it would be impossible to review each and everyone of them, keeping that in mind, we will list a few of them and their respective application.


Floor insulation:

  • TF70
  • K103
  • K3
  • Greenguard and Optim-R

Cavity wall insulation:

  • TW50
  • K108
  • K8
  • K12

Wall insulation:

  • TW55
  • K12
  • K15
  • K17
  • K18
  • GreenGuard
  • Optim-R

Roof insulation for residential buildings:

  • TP10
  • K7
  • K107 Plus
  • K10
  • K15
  • TR26
  • TR27
  • TR31
  • GreenGuard
  • Optim-R

As demonstrated by the list above, not only Kingspan has a vast diversity of solutions, but they also build custom made board for each specific application such as the K5 range. Which is specifically designed for external wall applications as it allows you to render plaster over the material.

Their offering is so huge that there is nowhere in a residential building whereby you can't install a Kingspan product, and should you ask for our advice, we would strongly recommend to consider the Kooltherm range, also known as the K range, among your options.


What is Kingpspan Insulation?

As one of the world's most well-known and trusted manufacturer of insulation, with popular product ranges like Kooltherm, Therma and a variety of different insulation boards, Kingspan has you covered with high quality insulation boards regardless of the application.


What is Kingspan Kooltherm used for?

The Kooltherm K-range is the most commonly used Kingspan insulation in the construction industry, one of the main reasons for this is that it gives the option to pick a thinner board without interfering with the u value. Made from a fibre-free rigid thermoset phenolic core, this insulation will give you a thermal resistance from 0.018 - 0.023 W/m·K. And with a wide variety of thicknesses available across multiple applications, it’s no wonder the Kingspan Kooltherm is leading the way in the rigid insulation market.

Due to its strong thermal resistance, Kingspan Kooltherm's range offers a higher resistance than your standard PIR insulation. As a result there is a premium associated with the cost as Kooltherm products are about 30% more expensive while increasing the thermal resistance by 10%. Still, it is a very popular choice with both architects and builders when it comes to choosing insulation.

You see this product mostly in commercial buildings. Every square meter gained is money in the bank and Kingspan Kooltherm gives this option. On top of that, you will also find this product being used on oil rigs, hospitals, industrial buildings and many more industrial buildings, as it offers better fire properties than most standard PIR.


Is Kingspan good for sound insulation?

Due to its popularity with builders and contractors, a common assumption made by many people is that Kingspan insulation can be used as a sound proof or acoustic product. Unfortunately these PIR and Phenolic insulation have little to no sound or acoustic values and in fact can contribute to noise pollution if they are not correctly fitted. If you are looking for sound insulation you can visit our acoustic insulation options here.


How is Kingspan made?

The short answer is Phenolic Foam, also called PIR foam. Without getting too Latin on you, it is a polyisocyanurate compound with a polyethylene core that is used as the core of an insulated panel. The process involves pouring the Phenolic liquid and allowing it to set, afterward the foam rigid board is covered with either foil, glass tissue or a bitumen finish depending on the application it is made for. Kingspan’s has a quick and easy guide on this subject covering different types of insulation including Phenolic and PIR.


How long is Kingspan making insulation?

Kingspan has been manufacturing insulation for almost 50 years. They have gone a long way since the wheelbarrows days of the swinging irish 60’s. The remarkable success story behind Kingspan is closely linked to the Murtagh family, who as true entrepreneurs, drove Kingspan to heights they originally never dreamed of. They know what works, and what does not work in the insulation and construction industry. Nowadays, their premium performance products for floors, walls and roofs, are a testimony to their savoir-faire.

In conclusion:

We can’t recommend enough Kingspan 2019 buyer's guide if you are planning to use Kingspan’s insulation. It contains a mine of information and is a reference to many builders and professional in the construction industry. Be aware that there is a Shortage of PIR board felt all across the UK market since 2017, so plan well in advance if you want to avoid costly delays.

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