Thistle Multi Finish plaster 25kg bag Multi Finish
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Thistle Multi Finish plaster 25kg bag

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  • 25kg bags for convenience
  • Extended workability, adaptable to various surfaces
  • Fire-resistant, EN 13279-1 type B1/20/2 compliant

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Elevate your plastering projects with British Gypsum's Thistle Multi-Finish Plaster, conveniently packaged in 25kg bags. This premixed gypsum plaster is a game-changer, boasting ease of use for both newcomers and seasoned pros. With its extended workability, it allows you to achieve impeccable results, whether you're tiling, decorating, or working on undercoat plasters. This versatile plaster adapts to a wide range of surfaces, from low to high suction gypsum materials, ensuring a smooth, inert finish on everything from plain plasterboard to cement-based undercoat plasters. For best results, remember to apply with a firm hand, building layers as needed. Check out our detailed manufacturer product data-sheet in the Datasheets tab for expert guidance. Plus, this plaster offers impressive fire resistance. Proper storage is essential, so keep it in a dry place to prevent lumps and maintain its strength. With a generous shelf life of 4 months and EN 13279-1 type B1/20/2 compliance, backed by ISO 9001:2008 certification, Thistle Multi-Finish Plaster is your trusted partner for professional, durable finishes. At 10m² of coverage per 25kg bag, you'll have everything you need for your project. Don't wait – upgrade your plastering game today!

Key Features

  • Weight: 25kg
  • Coverage:10m² per 25kg bag
  • Setting time: 1.5 hours
  • Material: Gypsum plaster
  • Usage: Plaster finish
  • Fire resistance: Yes
  • Thermal resistance: No
  • Moisture resistance: No



Thistle Multi-Finish plaster should always be stored in a dry place to prevent any moisture from entering the bag forming lumps and potentially shortening the strength of plaster. The plaster bags should always be placed on a dry timber palette or platforms. Thistle plaster has a shelf life of 4 months, all bags have a printed “use by” date. 


The Thistle Multi-Finish plaster is made to comply with EN 13279-1 type B1/20/2. This plaster is made using a quality system which is audited independently and certified to conform with ISO 9001: 2008.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thistle Multi-Finish plaster? Thistle Multi-Finish plaster is a high-quality premixed gypsum plaster used for finishing walls and ceilings.

How do I use Thistle Multi-Finish plaster? Simply add clean water to the plaster to create a workable mortar, then apply it to the desired surface.

Is it suitable for beginners? Yes, Thistle Multi-Finish is beginner-friendly and can be easily worked with, making it suitable for both newcomers and experienced contractors.

What types of surfaces can I use it on? Thistle Multi-Finish can be used on a wide range of materials, from low to high suction gypsum surfaces, including plasterboard and cement-based undercoat plasters.

What is the coverage of one 25kg bag? A 25kg bag of Thistle Multi-Finish plaster typically covers an area of 10 square meters.

How long does it take to set? Thistle Multi-Finish plaster sets in approximately 1.5 hours, giving you ample time to work with it.

Does it offer any resistance properties? Yes, Thistle Multi-Finish plaster provides fire resistance.

How should I store the plaster to maintain its quality? Store it in a dry place to prevent moisture from entering the bag and forming lumps. Place the bags on a dry timber palette or platform.

What is the shelf life of Thistle Multi-Finish plaster? The plaster has a shelf life of 4 months, and each bag comes with a printed "use by" date.


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