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Expanding Foam

Spray Foam Insulation is ideal to fill large cavity or awkward gaps. Also used for fixing window frames, lose tiles and boards, as well as to insulate between brickwork, cladding, around duct work, pipes and cables.
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What is expanding foam?

Expanding Spray foam is a liquid foam which is to be sprayed. The foam then expands and sets into an insulating layer. One of the most effective insulation material in the market today is Spray foam insulation. It became the most preferred choice of the consumer in the United Kingdom in a matter of no time as it is an effective insulator and can also stop air leakage. The prices of energy are increasing day by day. As a result, everyone is more interested in quality insulation which can keep a structure warm without incurring excessive cost. Expanding foam is versatile as it can be used to insulate loft, roof, floors and walls.

Acoustic foam and Fireproof foam is specially manufactured to increase the performance of spray foam. Acoustic foam have 60dB acoustic rating and is preferred by most of the builder so attain the required acoustic performance.

Spray foam insulation

R-value of spray foam

R-value means Resistance to heat flow which states that the greater the R-value the higher the insulating power of the material. Open-cell or low-density spray foam has an R-value of R-3.7 per inch, while closed-cell or high-density spray foam has an R-value that may be as high as R-6.5 per inch. Always check with the technical department before finalizing the product.

Types of expanding foam

  • Closed-cell expansion foam

  • Open-cell expansion foam

Fire-rated expanding foam

Fire-rated spray foam can be used as an efficient seal against smoke and gas, providing up to 240 minutes fire rating. Fire insulation has high thermal properties and provides acoustic insulation.

Advantages and disadvantages of spray foam

Expanding Spray foam insulation has many advantages over alternative insulation products such as fiberglass and cellulose. Insulating with spray foam throughout the entire home, seals-off all air infiltration by sealing the voids throughout the insulated area. This helps to create a thermal envelope controlling the air inside the building allowing for the downsizing of the buildings HVAC systems lowering building costs.


  • Saves energy up to 30-50% per year

  • Decreases moisture and air infiltration

  • Provides more consistent temperature

  • Reduces dust and pollen infiltration

  • Improves structural strength of the construction

  • Reduces the possibility of mould

  • Provides acoustic performance

  • Decreases any damages from ice

  • R-values remain stable over time

  • It has the highest performance of all insulation

  • It is permanent and will not sag or settle


  • The upfront cost is higher

  • 2-4 years period for payback

  • It is not generally a Do-it-Yourself project

  • The installation process is longer

  • Installation is a bit messier

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