Gyproc Easi-Fill 10Kg Bag Plasterboard
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Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 10Kg Bag


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  • Smooth finishes with ease
  • Rapid working time, minimal shrinkage
  • Strong bond, versatile application

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Introducing the Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 joint filler – your go-to solution for achieving consistently smooth finishes with ease. This gypsum-based wonder is not only a breeze to mix and apply, but it's also versatile enough for both bulk filling and finishing tasks. Whether you're tackling repairs, chasing in, or patching, this lightweight formula has got your back. With a rapid 60-minute working time and the ability to apply a second coat in just 140 minutes, you'll be amazed at how efficiently your project comes together. Plus, it boasts a robust bond that outperforms screws, ensuring your work stands the test of time. Say goodbye to drying shrinkage worries, as Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 delivers minimal shrinkage and a high coverage rate. It's your trusty companion for all stages of plasterboard jointing within drywall systems, and the good news is you can apply it by hand as well. Get ready for smoother, quicker results with Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 – your DIY and repair partner that's always up for the job.

Key Features

  • Easy application and sanding
  • Stronger bond than screw
  • Can be used for both bulk and fine filling
  • High coverage rate
  • Minimal drying shrinkage
  • Used for all stages of plasterboard jointing
  • For drywall systems
  • Application by hand possible


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gyproc Easi-Fill 60? Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 is a joint filler that is perfect for achieving a smooth finish on plasterboard surfaces.

How does Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 work? It's a gypsum-based material that can be used for both bulk filling and finishing of joints in plasterboard.

What makes Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 special? Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 is known for its rapid working time, high coverage rate, and minimal drying shrinkage, making it a convenient choice for various projects.

Can I use Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 for quick fix jobs and repairs? Yes, it's particularly useful for quick repair tasks, chasing in, and patching work.

How long is the working time for Gyproc Easi-Fill 60? Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 has a working time of just 60 minutes, making it a great choice for tasks that require speed.

When can I apply a second coat after using Gyproc Easi-Fill 60? You can apply a second coat in just 140 minutes, which is a significant time-saving advantage.

Is Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 suitable for drywall systems? Yes, it's designed for use with plasterboard joints within drywall systems.

Can I apply Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 by hand? Absolutely, it can be applied by hand, offering flexibility in your application methods.

Is Gyproc Easi-Fill 60 suitable for both bulk and fine filling? Yes, it's a versatile product that can be used for both bulk and fine filling tasks.


brand British Gypsum
coverage 41m2
material-type Gypsum
weight_kg 10

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