Thistle Bond-It Bonding / Board Adhesives
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Thistle Bond-It

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Thistle Bond It. 10ltr bucket

Plastering becomes a simple matter when Thistle Bond It is used. The Thistle plaster products are specifically designed for suitable to both hand or machine applications. This reliable bond provides efficient workability and consistent performance. The manufacturing standards which it follows allow it to maximize productivity along with cutting product wastage.

High performance:

This plaster offers a high-quality surface area that is absolutely sturdy and durable. This is the reason that makes it a preferable choice for generations. It provides multi-purpose solutions for all of the internal plastering needs while meeting all the customer demands. It is specially formulated to be applied on smooth or low suction backgrounds.


This Thistle Bond it is a light green coloured plaster bond that is utilized in single coat only and has to be allowed for drying before plastering. You can easily apply it with the help of a roller which makes an easy spread. Its green colour is given for effortless identification of backgrounds on which it has been applied. Once it dries, a layer of Gyproc Bonding Coat plaster of 10mm thickness is applied over it, which is further finished with a 2mm of Gyproc Carlite Finish plaster or Gyproc Skimcoat.

Key features:

  1. Can be used on smooth backgrounds, for e.g. concrete with Thistle Bonding Coat, or for re-skimming
  2. Sealing substrate
  3. No dilution - so no scope for errors, no time spent mixing, no confusion on site
  4. Always used in one coat only - so no decisions to take about background porosity, etc
  5. Contains fine aggregates for better mechanical, as well as chemical adhesion
  6. Green in colour - so it is easy to see where it has been applied
  7. Plastered when dry - so no difficult timing to get right
  8. Recommended for use with Thistle Bonding Coat plaster
  9. This product has a use-by date and once delivered and signed for can not be returned.
brand British Gypsum
size 10 Litre

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