Thistle BoardFinish 25kg Building Materials
Thistle BoardFinish 25kg Building Materials
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Thistle BoardFinish 25kg

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  • Skim coat plaster for smooth finish on plasterboard.
  • Easy hand application, no sanding required.
  • Improves airtightness, suitable for decorating.

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Introducing Thistle BoardFinish 25kg, the ultimate solution for achieving flawlessly smooth plasterboard walls and ceilings. Crafted with ease of application in mind, this skim coat plaster is a go-to choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Say goodbye to the hassle of sanding, as Thistle BoardFinish requires no sanding, saving you time and effort during your project.

Designed to excel on low to medium suction backgrounds, Thistle BoardFinish effortlessly creates a durable finish that not only protects your walls but also enhances their aesthetics, making them ready for painting or wallpapering. Its smooth and consistent surface not only improves airtightness but also seals gaps, limiting sound transfer, and providing you with a quieter, more comfortable living space. With each bag covering up to 10m2 of wall space, Thistle BoardFinish is your trusted companion for achieving professional-quality results with ease. Say hello to hassle-free plastering and hello to beautifully finished walls and ceilings with Thistle BoardFinish 25kg.

Key Features

  • Suitable for most low to medium suction backgrounds
  • Provides an ideal finish for plasterboards and Thistle DriCoat
  • Easy to work and apply by hand
  • Improves airtightness and seals gaps, limiting flanking routes for sound transfer
  • The smooth, consistent surface is ideal for decoration
  • 10m2 wall coverage per bag
  • No sanding required


Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces can Thistle BoardFinish be applied to? Thistle BoardFinish is suitable for most low to medium suction backgrounds, including plasterboards and Thistle DriCoat. It's designed to provide an ideal finish for these surfaces, ensuring a smooth and consistent result every time.

Is Thistle BoardFinish easy to apply by hand? Yes, absolutely! Thistle BoardFinish is formulated for easy hand application, making it convenient for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its smooth consistency allows for effortless spreading and application, saving you time and effort during your plastering projects.

Does Thistle BoardFinish require sanding? No, Thistle BoardFinish eliminates the need for sanding. Once applied and dried, it provides a smooth and flawless finish, ready for painting or wallpapering without the extra step of sanding, saving you valuable time and energy.

How does Thistle BoardFinish improve airtightness? Thistle BoardFinish not only creates a durable finish but also improves airtightness by sealing gaps and limiting flanking routes for sound transfer. This feature enhances the overall insulation properties of your walls and ceilings, contributing to a more comfortable indoor environment.

How much area does one bag of Thistle BoardFinish cover? Each 25kg bag of Thistle BoardFinish covers approximately 10m2 of wall space, providing ample coverage for your plastering needs. This allows you to efficiently plan and estimate the quantity required for your project, ensuring cost-effectiveness and minimal wastage.

Can Thistle BoardFinish be used for both walls and ceilings? Yes, Thistle BoardFinish is versatile and suitable for use on both walls and ceilings. Whether you're renovating a room or completing a new construction project, Thistle BoardFinish delivers a consistent and durable finish, enhancing the visual appeal of your interior spaces.

Brand British Gypsum
Coverage 10m2 wall coverage

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