Wraptite Liquid Flashing 600ml Roofing
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Wraptite Liquid Flashing 600ml

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  • Continuous, elastomeric flashing bonds to various materials.
  • Ideal for complex details; non-peeling, non-sagging.
  • Applies in damp conditions, solvent-free, and foam-safe.

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Wraptite Liquid Flashing is a high-quality, gunable, elastomeric, polyether, liquid applied flashing and detailing membrane. It bonds to most construction materials, such as aluminium, brick, concrete, wood, vinyl, and exterior sheathing boards. Wraptite Liquid Flashing is compatible with the entire line of A. Proctor Group’s vapour permeable products for joint detailing in exterior sheathing panels.

Wraptite Liquid Flashing is for use with A. Proctor Group’s range of vapour permeable membranes. This liquid applied flashing membrane is ideal for use in complex details. It can also be used to protect the leading edge of the Wraptite membrane or tape from water penetration if the edge cannot be protected by overlapping in a shingle fashion.

Key Features

  • Continuous seal and system approach.
  • Can be applied in damp conditions.
  • Does not peel back when left exposed.
  • Does not create build up in rough openings.
  • Non-sag. • 100% solvent free.
  • Non-shrinking.
  • Bonds to most construction materials.
  • Easily applied and spread.
  • Does not harm foam insulation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wraptite Liquid Flashing 600ml used for? Wraptite Liquid Flashing 600ml is a high-quality, elastomeric polyether membrane designed for liquid-applied flashing and detailing in construction. It forms a continuous seal, bonds to various materials, and is ideal for complex details.

What construction materials does Wraptite Liquid Flashing bond to? Wraptite Liquid Flashing bonds to a range of construction materials, including aluminum, brick, concrete, wood, vinyl, and exterior sheathing boards.

Can it be applied in damp conditions? Yes, Wraptite Liquid Flashing 600ml can be applied in damp conditions, making it a versatile solution for various construction scenarios.

Does it peel back when exposed? No, Wraptite Liquid Flashing 600ml does not peel back when left exposed, ensuring a durable and reliable seal over time.

Is it compatible with foam insulation? Yes, Wraptite Liquid Flashing is designed not to harm foam insulation, providing protection without compromising the integrity of the insulation material.

How is it applied, and is it easy to spread? Wraptite Liquid Flashing is easily applied with a gun, and its non-sag and non-shrinking properties make it straightforward to spread, ensuring a hassle-free application process.

Can it be used to protect the leading edge of Wraptite membranes? Yes, Wraptite Liquid Flashing can be used to protect the leading edge of Wraptite membranes or tape from water penetration, especially in cases where overlapping in a shingle fashion may not be feasible.

Is it solvent-free? Yes, Wraptite Liquid Flashing is 100% solvent-free, making it an environmentally friendly choice for construction projects.

Does it create build-up in rough openings? No, Wraptite Liquid Flashing does not create build-up in rough openings, contributing to a clean and efficient installation.

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