Tyvek Double Sided Butyl Tape 15mm x 22.5m Roof Insulation
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Tyvek Double Sided Butyl Tape 50mm x 30m


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  • Forms a robust, airtight, and watertight seal
  • High resistance to water, humidity, and chemicals
  • Strong adhesion and immediate tack for varied surfaces

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Transform your sealing projects with Tyvek Double Sided Butyl Tape, your go-to solution for achieving robust airtight and watertight seals that can withstand diverse conditions. Perfect for perimeters, chimneys, abutments, nail penetrations, and around electrical sockets, this tape boasts high resistance to water, humidity, environmental cycling, and chemicals, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its high immediate tack and strong adhesion to various surfaces make it ideal for use under compression, such as under timber battens, delivering unparalleled sealing efficacy. Whether you're sealing against moisture, air, or chemicals, Tyvek Butyl Tape is your reliable partner for sealing success.

Key Features

  • Forms a moisture-and-airtight seal
  • High resistance to water, humidity, environmental cycling and chemicals
  • High immediate tack
  • Strong adhesion to many different surfaces, where an acrylic Tape is not applicable (for sandy surfaces Tyvek Primer is recommended)


Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces can Tyvek Double Sided Butyl Tape adhere to? Tyvek Butyl Tape exhibits strong adhesion to a wide range of surfaces including wood, metal, plastic, and concrete. It is especially effective on surfaces where acrylic tape may not provide adequate adhesion, such as sandy surfaces.

How does Tyvek Butyl Tape perform in different weather conditions? This tape is designed to withstand various weather conditions, including high humidity and temperature fluctuations. Its high resistance to water and environmental cycling ensures reliable performance over time.

Can Tyvek Butyl Tape be used for outdoor applications? Yes, Tyvek Butyl Tape is suitable for outdoor applications such as sealing perimeters, chimneys, abutments, and other exterior areas. Its durability and resistance to weather elements make it a great choice for outdoor sealing tasks.

How should I apply Tyvek Butyl Tape for optimal performance? For best results, ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free from dust and debris before applying the tape. Apply firm pressure during installation, especially when using it under compression, such as under timber battens.

Is primer required for using Tyvek Butyl Tape on certain surfaces? For sandy surfaces or surfaces where adhesion may be a concern, using Tyvek Primer is recommended to enhance the adhesion of the butyl tape.

Can Tyvek Butyl Tape be used for sealing around electrical fixtures? Yes, Tyvek Butyl Tape is suitable for sealing around electrical sockets and fixtures, providing a moisture- and air-tight seal to protect against leaks and drafts.

Is Tyvek Butyl Tape suitable for commercial as well as residential applications? Yes, Tyvek Butyl Tape is versatile and suitable for both commercial and residential applications where airtight and watertight seals are required.

How long can I expect Tyvek Butyl Tape to last once installed? When properly installed and maintained, Tyvek Butyl Tape can provide long-lasting sealing performance, offering peace of mind for your sealing projects.

Length 30m
Width 50mm
Brand Tyvek

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