Rockwool RW5 1200mm x 600mm (All Sizes) Cavity wall Insulation
Rockwool RW5 1200mm x 600mm (All Sizes) Cavity wall Insulation
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Rockwool RW5 1200mm x 600mm (All Sizes) Cavity wall Insulation
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Rockwool RW5 1200mm x 600mm (All Sizes) Cavity wall Insulation
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Rockwool RW5 (All Sizes)

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  • Enhanced RW5 Insulation Slab: Optimal thermal (0.034 W/mK) and acoustic performance, Euroclass A1 fire reaction, water repellent, various thicknesses (30mm-100mm).
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for walls, ceilings, floors, roofs; tailored for longevity; high-density resin-bonded slabs.
  • Cost-effective Solution: 1200x600mm slab size, 100kg/m³ density, limits fire spread and damage, ensures excellent results.

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These products are sold in pallet quantities only. Price Listed is per pallet. Please see pallet quantities below.

Thickness Sheets Per Pack Pack Coverage Packs Per Pallet
30mm 8 5.76m2 20
50mm 4 2.88m2 24
75mm 3 2.16m2 20
100mm 2 1.44m2 24

A versatile, cost-effective insulation slab with strong acoustic, thermal, and fire performance. Ideal for partition walls, cavity walls, ceilings, floors, and roofs, it enhances your house's longevity. Tailored for various applications, RW5 ensures excellent results in acoustic and thermal performance. Moreover, it helps slow down fire spread and limits damage, thanks to high-quality resin-bonded slabs designed for optimal thermal, acoustic, and fire performance. 

Key Features

  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.034 W/mK
  • Reaction to fire: Euroclass A1
  • Water repellent 
  • Density: 100kg/m³
  • Slab Size: 1200x600mm
  • Thicknesses: 30mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm


It is recommended to keep your RW5 indoors and off the ground to avoid unforeseen damages. In any case, you should always follow the manufacturer instructions which are displayed on each pack. 


All Rockwool insulation products are conceived with high environmental standards, that promote sustainability and recyclable resources. 

RW5 insulation slabs are manufactured to comply with BS EN 13162 and conform with ISO 14001


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rockwool RW5? Rockwool RW5 is a versatile insulation slab known for its cost-effectiveness and strong performance in acoustic, thermal, and fire applications. Available in various sizes, it caters to diverse construction needs.

Where can I use Rockwool RW5? Rockwool RW5 is suitable for a range of applications, including partition walls, cavity walls, ceilings, floors, and roofs, contributing to enhanced longevity in residential and commercial buildings.

How does Rockwool RW5 enhance acoustic performance? Rockwool RW5 is designed to provide robust acoustic insulation, making it an ideal choice for projects where sound control is essential.

Can Rockwool RW5 help with fire protection? Yes, Rockwool RW5 contributes to fire protection by slowing down the spread of fire and limiting damage, thanks to its high-quality resin-bonded slabs.

Is Rockwool RW5 easy to install? Yes, Rockwool RW5 is known for its ease of installation, providing flexibility for various construction projects.

How does Rockwool RW5 contribute to thermal insulation? Rockwool RW5 offers excellent thermal insulation properties, helping regulate temperature and improve energy efficiency in buildings.

Is Rockwool RW5 suitable for both residential and commercial applications? Absolutely, Rockwool RW5 is versatile and suitable for use in both residential and commercial buildings, offering reliable performance in various settings.

Can Rockwool RW5 be tailored to specific building projects? Yes, Rockwool RW5 is adaptable to specific building projects, providing plenty of options to achieve excellent results in acoustic, thermal, and fire performance.

Length 1200mm
Width 600mm
Thermal Conductivity 0.034 W/mK
Material Type Rockfibre

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