Rockwool Roll - All Sizes Loft Insulation
Rockwool Roll - All Sizes Loft Insulation
Rockwool Roll - All Sizes Loft Insulation
Rockwool Roll - All Sizes Loft Insulation
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Rockwool Roll - 150mm x 1200mm x 3650mm (Pallet of 18)

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  • Versatile: Rockwool Roll, 150mm x 1200mm x 3650mm, suits residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.
  • Efficient: Enhances thermal insulation, acoustic performance, and fire resistance for snug fit.
  • Convenient: User-friendly guidelines for custom widths, or opt for pre-cut Rollbatt for seamless installation.

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Introducing Rockwool Roll, the ultimate insulation solution for your diverse needs. This versatile medium-density insulation mat, measuring 150mm x 1200mm x 3650mm (available in a convenient pallet of 18 rolls), is your go-to choice for enhancing thermal efficiency and soundproofing in a variety of settings, from residential homes to commercial and industrial structures. What makes Rockwool Roll stand out is its multi-application prowess, offering excellent fire resistance, thermal insulation, and acoustic performance. With a generous 1200mm width and user-friendly cutting guidelines on the packaging, customizing it to 400mm or 600mm widths is a breeze – simply use a long serrated blade for precise results. Alternatively, you can opt for Rollbatt, which comes pre-cut into 400mm (x3) or 600mm (x2) widths, ensuring a seamless fit. Thanks to its higher density, Rockwool Roll guarantees an outstanding snug fit, making it an efficient and reliable choice for your insulation needs. Whether you're tackling roof spaces or suspended ceilings, this versatile product has you covered. Improve your space with Rockwool Roll and experience the difference for yourself!

Key Features

  • Versatile medium-density insulation mat
  • Ideal for thermal insulation in various settings
  • Enhances acoustic performance
  • 150mm x 1200mm x 3650mm size (Pallet of 18 rolls)
  • User-friendly cutting guidelines for custom widths
  • Pre-cut Rollbatt available for convenience
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • High-density for a snug fit.

Size Coverage
150mm x 1200mm x 3650mm 4.38m2 Per Roll

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of each roll in the pallet of 18? Each roll measures 150mm in thickness, 1200mm in width, and 3650mm in length.

How many rolls are included in one pallet of Rockwool Roll - 150mm x 1200mm x 3650mm? Each pallet contains 18 rolls.

What types of applications is this Rockwool Roll suitable for? It is suitable for thermal insulation in roof spaces and for improving acoustic performance in suspended ceilings in domestic, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Can I easily cut the Rockwool Roll to a custom width? Yes, the product packaging provides cutting guidelines for 400mm or 600mm widths, and you can use a long serrated blade for precise cutting. Alternatively, pre-cut Rollbatt options are available in 400mm (x3) or 600mm (x2) widths.

What are the fire, thermal, and acoustic properties of this Rockwool Roll? This Rockwool Roll offers excellent fire resistance, thermal insulation properties, and is effective at improving acoustic performance.

Is this Rockwool Roll easy to handle and install? Yes, it is easy to handle and install, making it a convenient choice for a range of insulation projects.

Can I use this product for both residential and commercial applications? Yes, Rockwool Roll is suitable for a wide range of settings, including residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial structures.

How does the density of this Rockwool Roll affect its performance? The higher density of this product ensures a snug fit and enhances its insulation and soundproofing properties.

Width 1200mm
Thermal Conductivity 0.044 W/mK
Brand Rockwool
Material Type Rockfibre

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