MF17 Suspension Angle 25 x 25mm x 3600mm (Pack Of 10) Walls & Ceilings
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MF17 Suspension Angle 25 x 25mm x 3600mm (Pack Of 10)


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Introducing our versatile MF17 Suspension Angle, a reliable solution designed to secure your MF Ceiling with ease and precision. Whether you're working on a new construction project or refurbishing an existing space, these suspenders are your go-to choice for both domestic and commercial applications. The 25 x 25mm dimensions and generous 3600mm length ensure compatibility with various building structures, providing a sturdy foundation for your ceiling system. The pack of 10 angles offers ample coverage, while the innovative design holds the system securely in place from voids, allowing for hassle-free services and maintenance. With added features such as fire protection and optimal performance around the edges of furring bars, our MF17 Suspension Angle is your trusted partner for creating a functional and resilient ceiling space. Elevate your project with confidence and convenience, courtesy of these high-quality suspenders.

Key Features

  • Secure Stability: Designed to hold MF Ceilings firmly in place from voids.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for both domestic and commercial projects, whether new or refurbished.
  • Stud Wall Performance: Optimizes performance in stud walls for added structural integrity.
  • Convenient Void Creation: Facilitates easy access above the ceiling for services and maintenance.
  • Fire Protection: Enhances safety with added fire protection.
  • Strategic Placement: Works efficiently around furring bar edges.
  • Dimensions: Sized at 25 x 25mm, 3600mm length.
  • Economical Pack: Cost-effective pack of 10 for practical project coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of the MF17 Suspension Angle? The MF17 Suspension Angle is designed to securely hold MF Ceilings in place from voids, providing a stable foundation for various building structures.

Is the MF17 Suspension Angle suitable for both new and refurbished buildings? Yes, it is compatible with all types of buildings, making it an ideal choice for both new constructions and refurbishment projects.

What are the dimensions of each angle in the pack? Each angle is sized at 25 x 25mm with a length of 3600mm, offering a versatile solution for different structural requirements.

How many angles are included in a pack? The MF17 Suspension Angle is conveniently packaged in a set of 10, providing ample coverage for your project.

Can these suspenders be used in stud walls? Yes, the MF17 Suspension Angle is particularly beneficial for stud walls, enhancing performance and contributing to structural integrity.

Does it facilitate access for services and maintenance? Absolutely. The design of these suspenders allows for the creation of a void above the ceiling, making services and maintenance more accessible.

Does the MF17 Suspension Angle offer any fire protection features? Yes, the angles come with added fire protection features, prioritizing safety in building construction.

How does it perform around the edges of furring bars? The angles are strategically designed to optimize performance around the edges of furring bars, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

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