Deep Metal Track - All Sizes Metal Studding
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Deep Metal Track (Pack Of 10) - All Sizes

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Steel Studding, Metal Studding, Dryliner Channel

Metal studs are utilized expansively in commercial premises and are gradually turning more popular in residential buildings. Metal studs are quite straight, and are considerably lighter and convenient to use than their wood counterparts. The steel metal studs are much more than the durable and efficient than the regular ones.

Metal studs arrive in varied dimensions as timber. The system comprises of two major components, the stud and the track. The tracks are generally fixed first to the ceiling and the floor. These are then inserted into the tracks and also are twisted in place. Framing or wafer screws fasten these studs and can be cut using aviation snips.

Once the stud wall is created, it can then be fitted with plasterboards and door frames with gyproc drywall screws. The plasterboard then can either be joint taped or skimmed to a finish. This can also be insulated for heating and soundproofing.

There are assorted kinds of metal stud systems that are utilized to form a framework to which any plasterboard can be set. This is a swifter installation method and a lot cheaper than using timber battons. These can either be utilized in horizontal ceiling applications/ MF Ceilings or vertical wall (Wall Linings/ Partitions). There also exist Metal Stud Frameworks for the purpose of ceiling applications. These are also called as Gypliner Systems and MF Ceiling.


  1. Pack Of 10
  2. Build Higher Walls
  3. Higher Impact Resistance
  4. Offer Strength
  5. Perfect for All Sorts of Applications


Color Silver
length 3m
Studding Steel, Metal
thickness 52mm, 72mm, 94mm
Width 52mm, 72mm, 94mm

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