Frameshield 100 Membrane (All Sizes) Green / 1.4m x 100m
Frameshield 100 Membrane (All Sizes) Black / 1.5m x 100m
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Frameshield 100 Membrane (All Sizes)

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Frameshield 100 is a spunbonded polypropylene material developed primarily as a breather membrane for use in timber frame wall and light steel frame applications. Applied in the factory during manufacture or on site, Frameshield 100 affords effective protection of timber frames during construction against wind-driven rain, snow and dust. Once completed, the high water vapour permeability of Frameshield 100 allows the controlled escape of vapour from within the timber frame whilst restricting the ingress of rain and moisture.

Frameshield 100 conforms to BS 4016:1997 (Specification for Building Papers, Breather Type) and its vapour resistance factor of 0.03 MNs/g is less than the maximum permitted in NHBC requirements. Used in accordance with this NHBC Practice Note, Frameshield 100 provides a superior quality permanent wall breather membrane.

Exclusively developed and produced for The A. Proctor Group to carefully determined specifications by Britain’s only spunbonded fabric manufacturer, Don and Low Nonwovens Ltd , Forfar, Scotland.

Wall Breather Membrane

Frameshield 100 is produced by the continuous extrusion of polypropylene fibres which are then spun and bonded together with a combination of heat and pressure.

Installed in accordance with the NHBC requirements, Frameshield 100 will comply with all current UK Building Regulations.


• Thickness 0.5 mm,
• Weight 100 g/m2
• Roll Length 100m
• Roll Width 2.7, 1.5 (black) or 1.4m (green)
• Colour Grey, Green and Black (not all available in all sizes)

Quality control checks are carried out on the incoming materials, during production and on the finished product.

Quality control checks on the finished product include:

• Weight
• Tear
• Tensile strength & elongation
• Water resistance

Application Details

Supplied in roll form, Frameshield 100 should be fixed to frames with austenitic stainless steel nails or staples at centres no more than 500mm.
On areas where sheets are required to be lapped, the following dimensions must be adhered to:

Vertical Laps - not less than 150mm
Horizontal laps - not less than 100mm

Ensure integrity of Frameshield 100 by overlapping upper layers over lower layers and staggering vertical joints. Protect timber at wall plate level and mark stud positions for wall tie fixings.

Frameshield 100 must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

brand Proctor
length 100m
material-type Polypropylene Spunbond,Meltblown,Spunbond laminate
thickness 0.5mm

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