Standard Metal Track (Pack Of 10) - All Sizes 70mm Metal Studding
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Standard Metal Track (Pack Of 10) - All Sizes

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Introducing our Standard Metal Track, a pack of 10 U-shaped channels that are a game-changer in metal framing assembly. Crafted from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel with the option of hemmed or unhemmed legs, this track ensures a secure alignment of studs to ceilings and floors through a friction fit. Designed for versatility, it plays a crucial role in constructing headers, openings, and sills when used in conjunction with studs. The lightweight yet robust construction guarantees straighter walls and optimal strength, while its resistance to moisture and fire adds an extra layer of durability. With features like a slip joint to studs, protection from insect infiltration, and higher impact resistance, this track ensures noncombustible systems for enhanced safety. Installation is a breeze – easy, simple, and quick, making it ideal for meeting the dynamic needs of the building industry. Available in various sizes, our Standard Metal Track is your reliable partner for a seamless and efficient framing experience.

Key Features

  • Pack Of 10
  • Lightweight, yet strong and versatile
  • Corrosion-resistant, ensuring durability
  • Noncombustible and resistant to moisture and fire
  • Provides straighter walls, slip joint to stud
  • Ideal for securing studs, with higher impact resistance



This lightweight yet strong track is easy, simple and quick to set up.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces are included in a pack of Standard Metal Track? Each pack contains 10 U-shaped channels of the Standard Metal Track, providing ample material for your framing needs.

What is the material used in the construction of the Standard Metal Track? The Standard Metal Track is roll-formed from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, ensuring strength and durability.

Can the Standard Metal Track be used for both ceilings and floors? Yes, the track is versatile and designed for use in securing studs to both ceilings and floors, providing a reliable framing solution.

Is the Standard Metal Track resistant to moisture and fire? Absolutely, the track is resistant to moisture and fire, adding an extra layer of durability and safety to your construction project.

Can I use the Standard Metal Track with other framing components? Yes, the track is designed to work seamlessly with various framing components, offering flexibility in your construction applications.

Is the installation of the Standard Metal Track complicated? Not at all. The track is easy, simple, and quick to install, making it an ideal choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Can the track be exposed to the elements during construction? Yes, the track is water and weather-resistant, allowing it to be left installed and exposed for up to 12 months on-site before completing the final cladding.

Does the Standard Metal Track offer any insect protection? Yes, the track is free from insect infiltration, providing additional protection against structural damage.

Is the Standard Metal Track compliant with safety standards? Absolutely, the track is fully A1 non-combustible and compliant for structures above 18m, ensuring adherence to safety regulations.

Color Silver
Length 3m
Thickness 52mm, 72mm, 94mm, 148mm
Width 52mm, 72mm, 94mm, 148mm

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