Soprema Tecsound SY100 4m x 1.2m Acoustic Insulation
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Soprema Tecsound SY100 4m x 1.2m

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Soprema Tecsound SY100 is a highly effective solution for combating airborne noise and vibration. This self-adhesive, visco-elastic membrane is versatile, suitable for walls, floors, and ceilings, with optimal performance within the GenieClip System. Its flexibility allows easy molding into tight spaces, and the self-adhesive backing simplifies installation. Resistant to mold, moisture, and fungus, Tecsound SY100 ensures long-lasting durability. With an impressive Rw value of 31dB when hung as a curtain and excellent vibration dampening, it stands as a reliable choice for acoustic control in various environments.

Key Features

  • Versatile Noise Reduction: Effectively minimizes airborne noise and vibration on various surfaces.
  • GenieClip System Compatible: Optimized for superior performance with acoustic plasterboards.
  • Easy Installation: User-friendly with a self-adhesive backing for quick and efficient setup.
  • Durable in Any Environment: Resistant to mold, moisture, and fungus for long-lasting effectiveness.
  • High Performance: Impressive Rw value of 31dB when hung as a curtain, coupled with effective vibration dampening


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SuperFOIL SFNC 20mm: This reflective foil insulation is an excellent choice for effectively managing heat and sound, working synergistically with Tecsound SY100.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soprema Tecsound SY100, and how does it work? Tecsound SY100 is a self-adhesive, visco-elastic membrane designed to attenuate airborne noise and reduce vibration. It works by damping resonance and minimizing the transmission of sound through various surfaces.

Where is the best application for Tecsound SY100? Tecsound SY100 is suitable for application on walls, floors, and ceilings. It performs exceptionally well within the GenieClip System, particularly between two layers of high-density acoustic plasterboard, effectively reducing airborne noise.

Is Tecsound SY100 easy to install? Yes, Tecsound SY100 comes with a self-adhesive backing, making installation convenient and user-friendly. This feature allows for easy application directly onto surfaces or within the GenieClip System.

Is Tecsound SY100 flexible and adaptable? Absolutely. Tecsound SY100 is highly flexible and adaptable, making it easy to mold into tight spaces and ensuring seamless integration into various environments.

How does Tecsound SY100 resist mold, moisture, and fungus? Tecsound SY100 is constructed to be mold, moisture, and fungus resistant, providing long-term durability and maintaining its effectiveness in different environmental conditions.

What is the performance rating of Tecsound SY100? Tecsound SY100 boasts an impressive Rw value of 31dB when hung as a curtain, showcasing its high-performance capabilities in reducing airborne noise. It also effectively dampens vibrations within a structure.

What are the dimensions of Tecsound SY100? Tecsound SY100 comes in a convenient size of 4m x 1.2m, providing ample coverage for various applications.

Can Tecsound SY100 be used in conjunction with other insulation products? Yes, Tecsound SY100 can be complemented with other insulation products to create a comprehensive acoustic control solution. It can work synergistically with materials like Celotex PL4000 or SuperFOIL SFNC for enhanced performance.

Is Tecsound SY100 suitable for DIY projects? Absolutely. Tecsound SY100's self-adhesive backing and easy installation make it suitable for both professionals and individuals undertaking DIY projects.

How does Tecsound SY100 contribute to a quieter environment? Tecsound SY100 effectively reduces airborne noise and vibrations, creating a quieter and more comfortable living or working space. Its versatility and performance make it a reliable choice for various acoustic control needs.


Rw = 31dB Reduction hung as a curtain. Vibration Dampening

Length 4m
Width 1.2m
Thickness 5mm
Brand Soprema

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