Kingspan Nilvent Breathable Membrane (75m2 roll) All Insulation
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Kingspan Nilvent Breathable Membrane (75m2 roll)

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Kingspan Nilvent is a breathable membrane for use in unventilated pitched roofs and timber frame walls.


Water vapour resistance 0.10 MN.s/g
Liquid water penetration Classified as W1, when tested, unaged, in accordance with BS EN 1928: 2000 – Method A
Nail tear strength 120 N (longitudinal direction) and 150 N (transverse direction)
Roll length

50 m

Roll width 1.5 m
Thickness 0.4 mm
Area per roll 75 m2
Weight 0.13 kg/m2
Weight per roll 9.8 kg
NBS Product Specification

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Meet Kingspan Nilvent Breathable Membrane – your go-to for unventilated roofs and timber walls. This 75m2 roll offers top-tier water vapor permeability, unmatched durability, and easy installation. At 0.4mm thickness and 0.13 kg/m2 weight, it's lightweight yet robust with excellent nail tear and tensile strengths. Waterproof and non-tenting, it doubles as a temporary roof covering.

Key Features

  • Waterproof - can be used as a temporary roof covering 
  • Non-tenting 
  • Excellent water vapour permeability
  • Strong – excellent nail tear and tensile strengths
  • Quiet under wind loading l Durable – heat and UV stable

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kingspan Nilvent Breathable Membrane, and what is its primary use? Kingspan Nilvent Breathable Membrane is a specialized product designed for use in unventilated pitched roofs and timber frame walls to provide both breathability and waterproofing.

How does the water vapor resistance of Nilvent contribute to its performance? With a water vapor resistance of 0.10 MN.s/g, Nilvent ensures effective breathability, allowing moisture to escape while maintaining a watertight barrier.

Can Nilvent be used as a temporary roof covering? Yes, Nilvent is waterproof and can be utilized as a temporary roof covering during construction, providing reliable protection against the elements.

What are the nail tear strength specifications for Nilvent? Nilvent exhibits robust nail tear strength, with 120 N in the longitudinal direction and 150 N in the transverse direction, ensuring durability and resilience.

Is Nilvent easy to install, and what are its dimensions? The 75m2 roll comes in a convenient size of 1.5m x 50m, making installation straightforward and efficient for various construction projects.

Is Nilvent suitable for other applications besides pitched roofs and timber frame walls? While Nilvent is optimized for unventilated pitched roofs and timber frame walls, it can be explored for other applications where breathability and waterproofing are essential.

How does Nilvent perform under wind loading, and is it quiet during windy conditions? Nilvent remains quiet under wind loading, providing a comfortable environment, and its durable construction ensures stability in varying weather conditions.

Is Nilvent heat and UV stable for long-lasting performance? Yes, Nilvent is designed to be heat and UV stable, ensuring durability and longevity even under challenging environmental conditions.

Length 50m
Width 1.5m
Coverage 75m2
Thickness 0.4mm
Brand Kingspan

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