Insulation Washer (3 packs of 100) - All Sizes Drywall Screw Washers
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Insulation Washer (3 packs of 100) - All Sizes


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Upgrade your insulation game with our Insulation Washer (3 packs of 100), designed to elevate the efficiency of your insulation panel installations. Crafted from durable zinc-plated steel, these RPI Insulation Panel Washers boast a hole diameter of 5mm or 8mm and a generous 70mm diameter, ensuring a secure and robust fit. The pre-zinc coating not only enhances longevity but also facilitates easy cleaning of holes in solid materials. Perfectly complementing Spit insulation anchors, these washers provide an extended head for added stability and secure attachment, all while maintaining the integrity of soft insulation. With ETA approval, trust in these washers to streamline your insulation projects, available in convenient packs of 100 for a hassle-free experience. Your insulation journey just got a whole lot smoother with

Key Features

  • Durable Build: Zinc-plated steel for long-lasting use.
  • Size Options: Available in 5mm and 8mm for flexibility.
  • Stability Matters: 70mm diameter ensures a stable base.
  • Ease of Use: Pre-zinc coating for simple cleaning.
  • Bulk Convenience: 3 packs of 100, making it ideal for larger projects.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What material are the washers made of? The washers are crafted from durable zinc-plated steel.

What sizes are available for the hole diameter? The washers come in two hole diameter options: 5mm and 8mm.

How large is the diameter of the washers? The washers have a generous 70mm diameter, providing stability and support.

Why is the pre-zinc coating important? The pre-zinc coating enhances corrosion resistance and facilitates easy cleaning of holes in solid materials.

Can these washers be used with soft insulation materials? Yes, the washers are designed with an extended head for a secure connection, making them suitable for soft insulation materials.

Are these washers compatible with Spit insulation anchors? Absolutely, these washers are specifically designed to fit seamlessly with Spit insulation anchors.

Is this product ETA approved? Yes, the Insulation Washers have been approved by the European Technical Assessment (ETA), ensuring they meet rigorous quality and safety standards.

How are the washers packaged? Each purchase includes three packs of 100 washers, providing a convenient bulk solution for larger projects.

Can I use these washers for applications other than insulation panels? While they are specifically designed for insulation panels, these washers can be versatile in various applications that require a stable and secure fixing.

    Application Cleaning the Hole in Solids Materials
    Color Silver
    Diameter 70mm
    ETA Approved Yes
    Hole Diameter 5mm, 8mm
    Material Type Zinc Plated Steel

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