Forgefix Loft Leg (Box of 12) - All Sizes 175mm x 76mm x 76mm Building Materials
Forgefix Loft Leg (Box of 12) - All Sizes 300mm x 90mm x 90mm Building Materials
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Forgefix Loft Leg (Box of 12) - All Sizes


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Introducing the Forgefix Loft Leg, your go-to storage solution for both new and existing non-boarded lofts. Designed to effortlessly create a raised loft floor above quilt insulation, these legs are not only robust enough to support walking on but can handle an impressive 25Kg per square metre for all your storage needs. By using Loft Legs, you'll avoid compressing insulation, ensuring energy efficiency and saving you money in the long run. Crafted in the UK from recycled materials, these legs are a sustainable choice. Easy to fit and with quick installation, Forgefix Loft Legs offer a convenient and reliable solution to maximize your loft space. Elevate your storage game with these expertly manufactured Loft Legs, available in a convenient box of 12, ensuring a hassle-free loft transformation.

Key Features

  • The Loft Leg is an ideal storage solution for new build or existing non-boarded lofts.
  • Creates a raised loft floor of quilt insulation.
  • Strong enough to walk on and store up to 25Kg per square metre
  • Avoids insulation compression saving energy and money.
  • Manufactured in the UK from recycled materials.
  • Fit quickly and easily.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Forgefix Loft Leg, and how does it work? The Forgefix Loft Leg is a storage solution designed for new and existing non-boarded lofts. It creates a raised loft floor above quilt insulation, providing a sturdy platform for storage while avoiding insulation compression.

How much weight can the Loft Leg support? The Loft Leg is strong enough to support up to 25Kg per square metre, making it robust and reliable for various storage needs in your loft.

Is the Loft Leg suitable for both new and existing lofts? Yes, the Loft Leg is an ideal storage solution for both new builds and existing lofts without boarding.

Why is avoiding insulation compression important? By using Loft Legs, you prevent insulation compression, which helps save energy and money by maintaining the effectiveness of your insulation.

Where is the Forgefix Loft Leg manufactured? The Loft Leg is proudly manufactured in the UK using recycled materials, making it a sustainable choice for loft storage.

How quickly and easily can I install the Loft Legs? The Loft Legs are designed for quick and easy installation, providing a hassle-free process for maximizing your loft space.

Can I walk on the loft floor created by Loft Legs? Yes, the Loft Leg creates a raised loft floor that is strong enough to walk on, adding functionality to your loft space.

Is the Loft Leg compatible with other loft accessories? Absolutely, the Loft Leg is designed to work seamlessly with other Forgefix loft accessories, such as Loft Ledge, Contractor Fixing Banding, and more, allowing you to customize your loft storage setup.

Are the Loft Legs available in different sizes? Yes, the Loft Legs are available in various sizes to accommodate different loft configurations.

How many Loft Legs are included in a box? Each box of Forgefix Loft Leg contains 12 legs, providing you with a comprehensive solution for transforming your loft space.

Brand Forgefix
Finish Black, Plastic
Product Type Accessories

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