Ceiling tile hold down clip universal L15 (3 x 500) Suspended Ceiling Accessories
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Ceiling Tile Hold Down Clip Universal L15 (Box of 500)


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Upgrade your suspended ceiling system with our Ceiling Tile Hold Down Clip Universal L15. This box of 500 clips from Insulation4less.co.uk ensures a durable and strong structure for commercial and domestic spaces. Featuring fire-resistant and rust-resistant qualities, these clips effortlessly lock ceiling tiles in place, providing a seamless finish and effective noise absorption. Enhance your interior with the universal compatibility and easy installation of our dependable Ceiling Tile Hold Down Clip Universal L15.



Key Features


  • Box of 500 Ceiling Tile Hold Down Clips
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Fire-resistant for added safety
  • Rust-resistant for long-lasting performance
  • Effortlessly locks ceiling tiles in place
  • Universal compatibility for various ceiling systems


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Ceiling Tile Hold Down Clip Universal L15? The Universal L15 clip is designed to lock ceiling tiles in place, providing a durable and strong structure for suspended ceiling systems.

How many clips come in a box of Ceiling Tile Hold Down Clip Universal L15? Each box contains 500 clips, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for your ceiling project.

Are these clips suitable for both commercial and domestic applications? Yes, the Ceiling Tile Hold Down Clip Universal L15 is versatile and suitable for various settings, including commercial and domestic spaces.

Do these clips have fire-resistant properties? Absolutely. The clips feature fire-resistant qualities, adding an extra layer of safety to your environment.

Are the Ceiling Tile Hold Down Clips rust-resistant? Yes, these clips are crafted with rust-resistant materials, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance.

How easy are these clips to install? The Ceiling Tile Hold Down Clip Universal L15 is designed for easy installation, making it a user-friendly choice for your ceiling system.

Can these clips be used with different types of ceiling systems? Yes, the Universal L15 clips are universal in nature, providing compatibility with various ceiling systems.

Do the clips effectively absorb and block noise? Yes, the Ceiling Tile Hold Down Clip Universal L15 not only locks tiles in place but also contributes to noise absorption for a quieter environment.


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