Ballytherm Cavity 0.45m x 1.2m - All Sizes Cavity wall Insulation
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Ballytherm Cavity 0.45m x 1.2m - All Sizes

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Ballytherm Insulation refers to a PIR insulation board that is created by a continuous foaming process for a tight cell structure. The foil-faced insulation Polyisocyanurate board are cut in sizes after this process.


External Appearance
This insulation board features a yellow foam core along with laminated foil facings that bears the company logo. These are butt-edged boards, albeit tongue, grooved and rebated boards are also available.

The Ballytherm cavity boards are created in sizes that go up to 1200 by 450mm. Their thickness varies between 25 and 100mm. Boards with more than 150mm thickness can be ordered on request.

Environmental Boon
These boards are created through a blowing agent with zero ozone depletion. It has low thermal conductivity that means lesser material is needed to attain a given thermal resistance in comparison to other insulants.

These insulation boards boast of low moisture absorption capacity that makes it perfect for use in environment. This has a foil laminate facing that offers it a high vapour resistance.

It showcases a very low thermal conductivity that makes the needed thickness lesser in comparison to other insulants.

Long lasting functionality
When this Ballytherm cavity board is fitted in accordance with the guidance of the manufacturer along with industrial codes of practice, its service life extends and remains as long lasting as the building.

Length 1200mm
Width 450mm
Thermal Conductivity 0.022 W/mK
Brand Ballytherm
Material Type Polyiso

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