Tyvek AirGuard Control 50m x 1.5m Roof Insulation
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Tyvek AirGuard Control 50m x 1.5m


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Elevate your building's energy efficiency and comfort with DuPont AirGuard Control, available in a convenient 50m x 1.5m size at Insulation4less.co.uk. This remarkable product is specifically designed to combat uncontrolled air leakage and minimize convective heat losses in roofs, walls, and floors. Acting as a durable vapour control barrier, it effectively manages air movement and moisture infiltration around the living spaces of your structure. With features like transparency for easy insulation installation, superior mechanical strength, and a water vapour transmission of 5m, DuPont AirGuard Control ensures reduced risks of condensation, damage, or air penetration. Take the proactive step towards a well-insulated and energy-efficient building – choose DuPont AirGuard Control for a reliable solution.

Key Features
  • Controls air movement
  • Reduced convective heat losses
  • Effective vapour control barrier
  • Reduced risk of condensation in the insulation
  • Transparent, able to see fixing points
  • Transparency for easier installation of insulation
  • Water vapour transmission (sd) 5m
  • Limited vapour transmission
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Superior mechanical strength
  • Reduced risk of damage or air penetration


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DuPont Tyvek Supro: Available in various sizes, Tyvek Supro acts as a robust underlay for pitched roofs, offering excellent water resistance and durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tyvek AirGuard Control, and what is its primary purpose? Tyvek AirGuard Control is a durable vapour control barrier designed to reduce uncontrolled air leakage and minimize convective heat loss in roofs, walls, and floors.

How does Tyvek AirGuard Control contribute to energy efficiency? It controls air movement and acts as an effective vapour control barrier, reducing convective heat losses and lowering the risk of condensation in insulation.

Can I use Tyvek AirGuard Control in all parts of my building? Yes, it is suitable for use in roofs, walls, and floors, providing comprehensive coverage for the habitable spaces of the building.

Is Tyvek AirGuard Control transparent? Why is this feature beneficial? Yes, it is transparent, allowing for easy visibility of fixing points. This transparency facilitates the installation of insulation, making the process more straightforward.

What is the water vapour transmission (sd) of Tyvek AirGuard Control? Tyvek AirGuard Control has a water vapour transmission (sd) of 5m, indicating limited vapour transmission to manage moisture effectively.

Is Tyvek AirGuard Control easy to install? Yes, it is lightweight and designed for easy installation, ensuring a hassle-free process for builders and contractors.

Does Tyvek AirGuard Control offer any mechanical strength? Yes, it provides superior mechanical strength, reducing the risk of damage or air penetration over time.

How does Tyvek AirGuard Control compare to other insulation solutions? Tyvek AirGuard Control stands out for its comprehensive air leakage control, convective heat loss reduction, and transparent design for easy installation.

What are the key benefits of choosing Tyvek AirGuard Control for my building project? The key benefits include effective air movement control, reduced convective heat losses, an efficient vapour control barrier, minimized condensation risk, transparency for easier insulation installation, and superior mechanical strength.

Length 50m
Width 1.5m
Coverage 75m2
Brand Tyvek

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