Tyvek Housewrap 100m x 1.4m All Insulation
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Tyvek Housewrap 100m x 1.4m

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  • Durable, lightweight, air-tight, and water-resistant
  • Reduces heat loss, lowers energy bills
  • Certified under BBA, CE marking, IAB, and UKAS

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Discover the superior protection and energy efficiency with DuPont Tyvek Housewrap 100m x 1.4m. This high-performance breather membrane, named Style 3060B, is expertly crafted from high-density polyethylene fibers, ensuring durability and longevity in shielding your timber frame, steel, or concrete wall constructions. With a mass per unit area of 63g/m2 and a UV exposure of 4 months, this lightweight and flexible membrane boast air-tight and water-resistant properties, effectively enhancing the stability of your structures.

Easy to install directly onto insulation, Tyvek Housewrap contributes to reduced energy bills by minimizing heat loss, making your space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Certified under BBA, CE marking, IAB, and UKAS, this product is a reliable choice for new builds, refurbishments, or extensions. Trust Tyvek Housewrap to provide long-term protection, and order now for peace of mind in every construction project.

    Key Features

    • Easy to install - fixed directly to insulation
    • Durable, flexible and lightweight
    • Provides long-term protection
    • Magnifies the air-tightness of the structure
    • Air-resistant: Yes
    • Water-resistant: Yes


    It can be stored uncovered on site for upto 4 months without compromising the full performance.


    It is certified under BBA certificate 90/2548 and has a CE marking. It is also approved by IAB, and UKAS.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Tyvek Housewrap, and how does it benefit my construction project? Tyvek Housewrap is a breathable membrane designed to provide long-term protection for timber frame, steel, or concrete wall constructions. It enhances air-tightness, water resistance, and contributes to energy efficiency by reducing heat loss, making your building cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

    How is Tyvek Housewrap installed, and what surfaces is it compatible with? Tyvek Housewrap is easy to install and can be fixed directly to sheathing ply, OSB, insulation, or blockwork. Its flexibility and lightweight nature make it suitable for various construction surfaces.

    What are the key specifications of Tyvek Housewrap 100m x 1.4m? Tyvek Housewrap 100m x 1.4m, also known as Style 3060B, is composed of high-density polyethylene with a mass per unit area of 63g/m2. It offers UV exposure protection for up to 4 months, and the roll size is 1.4m x 100m, weighing 9kg.

    How does Tyvek Housewrap contribute to energy efficiency? By blocking outside air and water from entering the walls, Tyvek Housewrap reduces heat loss, leading to lower energy bills. It helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the seasons.

    Can Tyvek Housewrap be stored on-site, and for how long? Tyvek Housewrap can be stored uncovered on-site for up to 4 months without compromising its full performance. This flexibility ensures convenience during construction projects.

    Are there any certifications for Tyvek Housewrap? Yes, Tyvek Housewrap is certified under BBA certificate 90/2548 and carries a CE marking. It is also approved by IAB and UKAS, ensuring it meets the necessary standards for quality and performance.

    Is Tyvek Housewrap suitable for both new builds and refurbishments? Absolutely. Tyvek Housewrap is an ideal choice for new build, refurbishment, or extension projects, providing reliable protection and contributing to the longevity of structures.

    Is there a specific application method for Tyvek Housewrap 100m x 1.4m? Tyvek Housewrap can be applied by fixing it directly to the chosen surface, offering a straightforward installation process that adds efficiency to your construction project.

      Length 100m
      Width 1400mm
      Coverage 140m2
      Weight_kg 9

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