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Cavity Fire Barrier FF102/50 6mm x 75mm x 1m
Cavity Fire Barrier FF102/50 6mm x 75mm x 1m
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Tenmat, a renowned brand in the field of fire protection and insulation, offers a range of specialised products designed to meet the stringent requirements of fire safety and thermal efficiency. The products in this category are primarily focused on fire barriers and cavity solutions, each tailored to provide maximum protection and insulation in various building scenarios.

Cavity Fire Barriers

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fire Resistance: Tenmat's cavity fire barriers are engineered to resist the spread of fire, providing crucial protection in the event of a fire. Their ability to maintain structural integrity under high temperatures makes them an essential component in modern construction.
  • Easy Installation: These barriers are designed for ease of installation, ensuring that they can be effectively integrated into a variety of building projects without requiring specialised tools or skills.
  • Versatility: Suited for both commercial and residential applications, these products are adaptable to various architectural designs and construction requirements.


Practical Uses

  • Wall and Ceiling Cavities: Tenmat fire barriers are ideal for installation in wall and ceiling cavities, where they prevent the spread of fire and smoke between compartments.
  • Loft Conversions and Extensions: These products are particularly beneficial in loft conversions and extensions, where they provide essential fire protection in the new structural elements.


Selection Guide

  • Assessing Fire Resistance Needs: It’s important to consider the specific fire resistance requirements of your building project. Tenmat offers products with different fire ratings to suit various levels of protection needs.
  • Size and Fit: Ensure that the barrier size is compatible with the cavity dimensions of your building. The product's adaptability to different cavity sizes is a key factor to consider.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Always choose products that comply with the relevant building and fire safety regulations in your area.


Specific Product Highlight: Cavity Fire Barrier FF102/50

  • Dimensions: 6mm x 75mm x 1m, making it suitable for a range of cavity sizes.
  • Application: This specific barrier is particularly effective for providing fire protection in narrow cavities, ensuring that even the smallest spaces are safeguarded against fire spread.


Tenmat's range of fire barriers and cavity solutions represent a combination of safety, innovation, and practicality, making them a top choice for builders and architects who prioritise fire safety in their designs.

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