Speedline brings efficiency and innovation to your construction projects with their top-quality building solutions. Featured at insulation4less. Speedline's PVCU Ext. XPS. Cavity Closers offer a practical and effective way to bridge the gap in cavity wall constructions. These cavity closers are designed for ease of installation and provide excellent thermal insulation and damp prevention. Ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects, Speedline ensures your construction meets the highest standards of efficiency and quality. Browse our range of Speedline products below for reliable and durable building solutions.
Speedline PVCU Ext. XPS. Cavity Closer, 100mm x 2.4m Single Ext (Pack of 10)
Speedline PVCU Ext. XPS. Cavity Closer, 100mm x 2.4m Single Ext Cavity Closers
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Welcome to the Speedline category at Insulation4Less, where quality meets efficiency in building and insulation solutions. As a dedicated expert in Speedline products, this overview will guide you through the various types of Speedline offerings, their practical applications, and tips for selecting the right product for your specific needs.

Speedline PVCU External XPS Cavity Closers


Our Speedline PVCU External XPS Cavity Closers are a cornerstone in the Speedline category. These products are designed to provide an efficient solution for closing cavities around window and door openings in new buildings or extensions. Made with high-quality PVCU and extruded polystyrene (XPS), they offer excellent thermal insulation and moisture resistance.


  • New Construction and Extensions: Primarily used in new building projects or extensions, these cavity closers play a critical role in preventing thermal bridges, enhancing the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Window and Door Installations: They are an essential component in the installation of windows and doors, ensuring a snug and insulated fit within the cavity walls.


Product Features

  • Dimensions: Typically available in sizes like 100mm x 2.4m, suitable for a range of wall thicknesses and openings.
  • Packaging: Often sold in convenient packs, such as a pack of 10, making them ideal for larger projects or contractors.


Selection Guide

When selecting a Speedline PVCU External XPS Cavity Closer, consider the following:

  • Size and Compatibility: Ensure the size matches the cavity width and opening size of your project.
  • Insulation Requirements: Consider the thermal insulation properties required for your specific application.
  • Quantity: Estimate the number of closers needed based on the number of openings and project scale.



  • Energy Efficiency: Enhances the thermal efficiency of buildings, contributing to lower energy costs.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed for quick and straightforward installation.
  • Durability: PVCU and XPS materials ensure a long-lasting and resilient solution.



The Speedline PVCU External XPS Cavity Closers are a testament to Speedline’s commitment to providing high-quality, practical solutions for modern construction needs. Their versatility, combined with excellent insulation properties, makes them a go-to choice for professionals seeking reliable and efficient building materials.

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