Pir Plywood Laminate

We offer a wide selection of pir plywood laminate products perfect for a range of different applications. Whether you're looking for durable and hard wearing materials for flooring or you need something that's easy to clean and maintain, our pir plywood laminate products are sure to meet your needs. And with our affordable prices and free delivery on all eligible orders, there's never been a better time to shop with us!
PIR-Plywood Laminate Insulation Board (All Sizes) - 2.4m x 1.2m
PIR-Plywood Laminate Insulation Board (All Sizes) - 2.4m x 1.2m PIR-Plywood Laminate
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Insulating your space with precision and quality is a hallmark of any top-grade insulation material. Within this category, we explore the efficacious world of Pir Plywood Laminate insulation products, proficiently offering enhanced thermal performance while maintaining structural strength. Let's delve into the composite material that is renowned for merging the insulation proficiency of PIR (Polyisocyanurate) with the mechanical robustness of plywood.

Understanding PIR Plywood Laminate Insulation Board

Pir Plywood Laminate insulation boards are exemplary products that merge the thermal efficiency of PIR insulation with the structural and mechanical strengths of plywood. These composite boards, available in various sizes, predominantly 2.4m x 1.2m, serve as a two-in-one solution that provides both insulation and a sturdy surface in one product, streamlining construction and installation processes across various applications.

Utilising PIR Insulation Properties

PIR stands out in the insulation sector for its exceptional thermal performance, enduring stability, and lightweight characteristics. Its low thermal conductivity ensures that heat transfer is minimised, thereby maintaining the desired internal environmental conditions with enhanced energy efficiency. Moreover, PIR offers fire resistance and dimensional stability under varied conditions, ensuring a safe and durable insulation solution.

Benefitting from Plywood Laminate

Plywood laminate, on the other hand, is recognized for its structural robustness, providing a firm, durable surface that can be utilised in various construction and insulation applications. When laminated to PIR boards, the plywood provides a stable and sturdy exterior that can readily accept various finishes, creating an optimal substrate for both thermal efficiency and aesthetic versatility.

For Walls and Floors

Utilising PIR Plywood Laminates for wall and floor insulation can dramatically enhance thermal performance, offering a robust surface ready for various finishes, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of spaces is not compromised.

Roofing Applications

In roofing applications, the boards not only provide commendable thermal insulation but also serve as a stable substrate for roofing materials, ensuring durability and enhanced energy efficiency in roofing systems.

Refurbishment and Upgrading

Engaging these insulation boards in refurbishment projects, you can dramatically upgrade the thermal performance of existing structures, without the need to compromise on space or structural integrity.

Guiding Through Selection

Choosing the optimal insulation solution from this category may require considering a few pivotal aspects:

  • Thermal Requirements: Choose based on the thermal resistance (R-value) you require to ensure the space is insulated effectively.
  • Structural Needs: Depending on the mechanical and structural requirements of your project, select the product that assures adequate support and stability.
  • Application Specifics: Factor in whether the insulation is for walls, floors, or roofing to select the product that aligns with the application’s unique demands.
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