Elevate your insulation standards with Dupre, offering advanced solutions like the Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation. Dupre specializes in providing high-performance, eco-friendly insulation options, ensuring efficient thermal regulation and energy conservation. Ideal for lofts and hard-to-reach areas, their products are user-friendly and effective in enhancing the comfort and energy efficiency of your space. Choose Dupre for a sustainable and practical approach to insulation. Browse our range below for top-quality, environmentally conscious insulation solutions.
Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation (Large Grade) 110 Litre Bag
Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation (Large Grade) 110 Litre Bag Heating & Plumbing
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Welcome to the Dupre category at Insulation4Less, where we specialise in providing top-quality insulation solutions. Our focus here is on the Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation, available in a convenient 110 Litre Bag. This product represents Dupre's commitment to effective and environmentally friendly insulation options.

Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation


The Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation is a standout product in the Dupre range. This insulation is designed for use in lofts and attics, providing a high level of thermal efficiency. Its loose-fill nature makes it an ideal solution for irregular spaces or areas with numerous obstructions, ensuring complete coverage.

Key Features

  • Large Grade Vermiculite: The use of large grade vermiculite enhances the insulation's ability to trap air, resulting in better thermal performance.
  • Ease of Application: As a loose-fill product, it's easy to pour and spread, making the installation process straightforward and time-efficient.
  • Eco-Friendly: Vermiculite is a natural mineral, making this insulation an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both new builds and retrofit applications.


Practical Uses

  • Loft Insulation: Ideal for insulating lofts and attics, especially in older homes where traditional insulation might be challenging to install.
  • Irregular Spaces: Perfect for areas with uneven joist spacing or obstructions like pipes and wiring.
  • Soundproofing: Offers some soundproofing benefits, reducing the transmission of noise between floors.


Selection Guide

When selecting the Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation for your project, consider the following:

  • Area Size: Ensure you purchase enough bags to cover your intended area. The 110 Litre bag coverage will vary based on depth and density required.
  • Application Method: Plan for an easy application, as this product can be poured directly from the bag.
  • Compatibility: Check the compatibility with your existing loft or attic setup, especially in terms of moisture control and ventilation.


In summary, the Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation from Dupre offers an efficient, eco-friendly, and versatile solution for a variety of insulation needs. Its ease of application and effectiveness in irregular spaces make it a popular choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional builders.

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