Can loft insulation cause condensation

Can too much insulation in the attic cause condensation?

Too much Insulation with a minimum amount of ventilation will result in condensation forming as the warm air has nowhere to escape to.

It can also result from insulation being improperly installed such as too many layers being laid on top of each other or if it is too tightly packed.

Why is my loft insulation wet?

The main reason for loft insulation being wet would generally be due to a formation of condensation within the loft that is not correctly installed or if there is not enough ventilation.

Another possibility that could be checked is that there is no leakage in the roof itself.

Mould on ceiling after loft insulation

This can result in too much insulation being added and not the adequate amount of ventilation available, that warm air circulates and leads to condensations forming.

Installation not being installed properly and gaps forming in it allows for cold spots to be exposed which result in damp occurring also.

Will insulating my loft stop condensation?

If the insulation is installed correctly and there is the right amount of ventilation condensation should not occur within a loft.

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