VELUX Rewards this April, May & June 2019

Boost your year-round VELUX Rewards this April, May & June with £40 rewards with every purchase of VELUX white-painted roof windows(GGL, GGU). Our VELUX combination flashings all qualify for some type of reward too!

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What are VELUX Rewards?
VELUX are running a promotion for any customers who purchase selected products this April, May and June 2019. By way of a thank you, VELUX are offering £40 in high-street vouchers for each individual purchase of VELUX white-painted roof windows(GGL, GGU). They’re offering other amounts for other VELUX products too.

In previous years VELUX have offered their fantastic rewards system but this is the highest amount they have ever offered, so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of.

The high street vouchers can be spent at many well-known brands including Currys PC World, Ticket Master, Tesco, Pizza Express and even Thomas Cook – perfect for booking that last minute summer holiday! Most of the brands offer e-vouchers so you don’t have to go into store to use them.

Each VELUX white-painted roof window entitles you to £40 worth of rewards. If you purchase 10 you’ll be entitled to £400 worth of these vouchers so VELUX really is offering their customers something unique. This applies to all customers, whether DIY or trade, so if your loft conversion company is in the market for VELUX white-painted roof windows, bag yourself some VELUX Rewards!

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T&Cs apply which can be found on VELUX’s website above.

How do I claim my VELUX Rewards vouchers?

1. Sign up for your VELUX Rewards account

Sign up for your VELUX Rewards account here. It takes only a few short minutes and once this is done you can start claiming your vouchers straight away.

2. Submit a photo of your invoice

Snap a quick picture of your invoice with your qualifying purchases on it and submit this alongside a few questions of where you purchased your window. Submit your invoice within 45 days of purchase.

3. Claim whichever VELUX Rewards take your fancy

Once your claim is approved then you’ll get a text or an email from the VELUX Rewards team letting you know! Just log in to your account and select your vouchers. Most of them are e-vouchers to ready to use straight away.

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