Signs of an Under-Insulated Home

Never Comfortable

Insulation helps regulate the temperature in your home. When the house is under-insulated then there is nothing to keep you heated. As a result, the people living in such housed are never comfortable as either they feel too hot in the summer or they feel too cold in the winter.

Chilly Drafts

During the Winter period, drafts in certain areas of the house are caused by air entering from doorways or windows frames. In this case, adding insulation will not only save money on energy bills but will also make your house less dafty. Spray foam insulation is the best insulation material for sealing and insulation such gaps and cracks.

Ice dams

Ice Dams are a result of heat rising from your under-insulated home that melts the bottom layer of the snow on the roof. The water then drips down towards the gutter and starts to freeze again when it comes in contact with cold air. As a result, it causes a large chunk of ice and oversized icicles to form on the perimeter of the house. Ice damming is one of the signs of poor insulation.   

Cold Walls, Floors and Ceilings

The walls, ceilings and floor inside your house should feel warm and dry to touch. When plasterboard and panelling in the house feels cold, wet and damp, it is a clear sign that there is not enough insulation. Similarly, the wall outside the house should feel cold as insulation is keeping warm air inside the home.

Temperature difference in different rooms

Same temperature in your entire home is one of the signs of good insulation. If the temperature is different in different rooms it is a clear sign of under insulation in your home. For example, say you freeze in your living room but feel to warm in your bedroom is a clear sign that you need to add more insulation.

Frozen Pipes 

Frozen pipes in your walls also indicates that you need to add more insulation materials. Proper insulation helps you protect your home from damages caused by freezing temperatures. Exterior walls which are not properly insulated can cause frozen pipes which can burst. 

High Energy Bills 

If your house is not properly insulated than, your heater or air conditioner is probably running all the time to maintain the temperature in your house. Check your energy bills in the last few years to determine the need for new insulation in your house. 

Insects and pests

There is nothing worse than finding insects and rodents and pests in your home. Critters enter through tiny holes around windows and doorways. Unfortunately, this opening is also how cold enters and hot air escapes. By properly insulating you can not only get rid of insects and pests but can also save money on energy bills.

Mice and Bugs

In Poorly- insulated house you can see mice and bugs. As insulation helps infill in the little crevices that allow mice and bugs to get into your home.

Get an Inspection 

The easiest way to tell if your house is well insulated or not is to have an Experience insulation expert out to inspect your home. Many insulation installers have access to specialised inspection equipment and are happy to offer free or paid in-home inspection for your walls, floors and ceilings. Spray foam insulation is one of the most used insulation material as it is easy to install on an existing building and saves money on energy bills. You’ll notice improved comfort indoors right away and lower energy bills! It is definitely worth checking insulation levels to put some extra saving back in your pocket.

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