Should I hire an Insulation Contractor or a General Contractor to Insulate my house?

Should I hire an Insulation Contractor or a General Contractor to Insulate my house?

Proper insulation is one of the most important things to do, while a house is getting constructed. With proper insulation, the right amount of heat is maintained in the house. This results in good savings, thereby paying for itself over a number of years.

Insulation should always be done by a professional insulation contractor because they would be able to inspect the existing insulation properly and suggest steps on upgradation. Besides, only a professional insulation contractor can do the right job while laying the insulation in a new house. Insulation done by a non experienced person or by a general contractor may not give the desired outcome. It's important that not only how the insulation is laid to be taken into account but also can an airtight seal be achieved. Sometimes this can at little to no extra cost but will make a huge difference to how your insulation performs.

Why should one hire a professional insulation contractor over a general contractor

  1. General contractors know everything about all aspects of construction but rarely specialise in one sector like insulation and therefore does not have a thorough knowledge: A general contractor is a jack of all the trades, but master of none in some cases. These contractors know multiple things and they can sometimes cost less. However, since they are not experts, if some problem arises, they may not be in a situation to fix all the issues. Since they do not specialize in one particular skill as such, they are a poor choice when it comes to doing important jobs like getting the installation done correctly. On the other hand, insulation contractors just know one thing and that is insulation. They are masters of just one thing and hence, even if any unwanted situation arises, they can tackle that without breaking a sweat. This is not to say that there are not plenty of great contractors out there who do a great job at this type of work either.

  2. Lack of awareness about the different types of insulation products: There are many insulation products available in the market and each serves a different purpose. For a general contractor, all might seem the same or similar, offering the same benefit. However, only a certified contractor can tell one about the pros and cons of each different type of insulation and how it can be installed. For example, it is important for the owners of a house to know the dissimilarities between blown-in, batt, rigid board & spray foam insulation and their respective benefits

Benefits of Professional insulation contractors

  1. Better R-Values offered by your Insulation: Professionally installed insulation offers a much better and a much higher R-value. R-value is the value which measures the resistance offered by a material when the heat passes through it. The more the resistance offered, the higher the R-value and the better the material will perform.

  2. Sufficient Insulation will be installed: With insulation contractors, insulation will always be done correctly. It would not be the case that there is inadequate insulation at places where it is required. On the other hand, with proper judgment, professional installers will also suggest places where installation could be skipped due to the thickness of the wall or already existing insulation is in place.

  3. Good Quality Insulation Equipment used: Professional installers use the right equipment to get the installation done. As a result, the quality of the final product is much better than that done by either a general contractor or a diyer.

Thus, one needs to hire a professional Insulation Contractor over a general contractor to get a better quality job done. To learn more, one can log on to and check out our online offerings.


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