Green Deal Home Improvement Funds for Energy-Efficient Homes

Now, an energy-efficient home can be rewarding. According to a new rule passed by the UK Government, people who work towards improving the energy efficiency of their households will be allocated with funds by the Government. Any change you make to your existing household that aids in saving energy-costs will qualify you to receive the fund. 


About the fund 

Known as the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), the popular scheme is first made available for homes in England and Wales. Funds are allocated if only you are going for the following energy-saving installations: 

- Insulation: Cavity wall, floor, roof, attic, solid wall
- Condensing gas boilers
- Replacing single glazing with double or triple glazing; secondary glazing
- Storage heaters or wastewater heat recovery systems
- Energy-efficient replacement external doors
- Warm unit replacement 

The amount available under the GDHIF scheme varies according to the type of installation. Amount of funds allocated will range from as low as £100 to as high as £30 million.

How to claim?

First, you need to be eligible to apply for the fund. For that, you need to own a domestic property in England or Wales; have a Green Deal Advice Report or Energy Performance Certificate or EPC that is 2 years old or less; get improvement done by a GDHIF registered service contractor. 

Once you meet these criteria, you can get an EPC and agree on a quote from the GDHIF registered installation company. Before you start with the installation work, you can apply for the Home Improvement Fund Voucher. Have the work completed and your Green Deal installer will fill the rest of the voucher mentioning all the details of the installation. You will receive the fund once all the verifications are done. 

The scheme is aimed towards helping people save a lot on their energy bills as well as promoting a greener environment. More areas will be covered soon under the scheme so that everyone can benefit from this unique idea of promoting clean and green environment.

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