7 Biggest DIY Building Fails: Winter Autumn Edition

DIY fails and design issues are something most of us will face at some point in our life. From putting the drawers on a wardrobe the wrong way around or fitting a door on the wrong side of the door frame, these mistakes can be easily reversed. But, what about DIY mistakes that have a bit more of an impact and take a long time and a lot of money to reverse? These include peculiar designs that just don’t work and DIY methods that are simply too dangerous for use.

Ready to be shocked and a little bit amused? We’re going to have a look at some of the biggest DIY building fails that we can avoid at all costs. 

1. Mismatched floor tiles 

To start off, let's take a look at one of the subtlest DIY building fails we have. Laying an entire floor only to realise one tile doesn’t follow the correct pattern must be extremely frustrating and annoying and it is actually an easy error to make. However, changing this rookie mistake would mean pulling all the tiles up and starting over again!

2. Dangerous driveways 

This driveway is more like a steep hill or a small mountain. You may as well say goodbye to your handbrake and your clutch with this DIY driveway. The 45 degree incline will not only be a real chore to get up but it will also be very bad for your vehicle. And, not to mention anyone who is walking up it. Imagine coming home with a full boot of food shopping and trying to unload it into your house. Or, how dangerous it would be in the colder, winter months when ice is forming on surfaces! There is also the fact that it isn’t even securely in place. 

3. You best be quick with this tap 

Sometimes we can get the dimensions wrong. It’s not uncommon to measure a room we are going to lay flooring in and then realise we don’t have enough to cover it. It’s also common to not buy enough paint for a room we are planning on decorating. Here, however, it seems someone has underestimated how big the water basin needs to be and fitted a disproportionately bigger tap. Good luck trying to wash your hands in this house.

4. Doors that don’t fit the door frame

Here we have another issue with the dimensions of a structure. This time, it’s a door that doesn’t quite fit the door frame. If the door was too big for the door frame, it’d be an easy fix of cutting and sanding it down until it did. But, the only way to solve this is to simply get a new door, and one that fits! The top tip here is to measure twice and then measure again. This will likely prevent any door sizing mishaps in the future.

5. DIY fridges to keep the beer cold 

Winter is here and that means one thing, snow! This might seem like a great idea at first. What a perfect way to make the most of the natural elements and create your very own snow fridge to keep your drinks nice and cold. However, it’s certainly not the most practical way of keeping your drinks cold. What happens when you need to leave your house to go to work, do daily tasks, or visit friends and family?

6. Good luck turning the heating on this winter 

As the chilly weather approaches, it’s time to kickstart the heating to warm the house up. An unstable, precariously balanced radiator is probably not the best way to keep your house warm. This is unsafe for a number of reasons. Firstly, it isn’t properly supported by the wall, so it could eventually detach from the wall and cause a lot of damage to the floor. Secondly, a radiator is quite a heavy system, so if it comes away from the wall it will leave some nasty holes in the places it was secured.

7. A creative christmas tree 

With the Christmas season coming up, we all like to get a little creative. This usually means putting up some nice, festive decorations like reindeers and snowmen and adding some sparkle to our homes in the form of baubles and tinsel. We don’t usually start making large obstructions on the floor and ceiling for unusual decorative purposes. This Christmas design option is not only inconvenient and a trip and falling hazard, but once Christmas is over you’ll be left with marks on your floor and ceiling where the tree was.

Fancy getting creative for Christmas this year? Make sure to keep it simple, and just don’t go making strange choices for decorations.

Avoiding and Embracing DIY Building Fails

We hope you have found this post on DIY building failures amusing. Most of us will avoid DIY building fails like the ones highlighted above, but we can all make mistakes now and then. Particularly, when we are doing things we wouldn’t usually do like insulation our roof or install different types of flooring. The most important thing is to plan properly and make careful decisions when getting involved in any building project. And, if mistakes are made, simply embrace them, we are human after all!

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