Tubolit Polyethylene Pipe Insulation - All Sizes Heating & Plumbing
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Tubolit Polyethylene Pipe Insulation - All Sizes

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  • Efficient pipe protection for heating systems
  • Hygienic, dust-free, and resistant to various elements
  • Improves energy efficiency and acoustic comfort

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Looking for reliable and versatile pipe insulation? Look no further than Tubolit Polyethylene Pipe Insulation! Perfect for both domestic and commercial heating systems, Tubolit is designed for easy application with its ready-to-split feature. Beyond convenience, it’s a hygienic choice, free from dust, rot, odours, and vermin, while also resisting fungi and mould. Plus, Tubolit doesn’t compromise on energy efficiency, offering protection for pipes in various locations and even improving acoustic comfort. Stay warm, save energy, and enjoy peace of mind with Tubolit!

Key Features

  • Tubolit Polyethylene Pipe Insulation for efficient pipe protection
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial central heating systems
  • Easy to apply with ready-to-split feature
  • Hygienic and dust-free installation and use
  • Resistant to rot, odours, vermin, fungi, and mould
  • Minimizes energy losses for improved efficiency
  • Protects pipes in cavity walls and under flooring
  • Enhances acoustic comfort in addition to insulation


Thermal conductivity (to BS EN ISO 8497): 0.035W/mK @ 0°C; 0.039W/mK @ +40°C

Surface temperature range: +5°C to +100°C

Dimensional stability: 2%

Fire Rating: Class E


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tubolit pipe insulation made of? Tubolit is made of Grey Polyethylene, a flexible and durable material ideal for pipe insulation.

Where can Tubolit pipe lagging be used? It can be used in both domestic and commercial central heating systems, as well as in loft installations to prevent pipe freezing.

Is Tubolit insulation easy to install? Yes, Tubolit comes ready to split, making it easy to apply to your pipework without hassle.

Is Tubolit pipe lagging a hygienic product? Absolutely, Tubolit is non-fibrous, dust-free, odourless, and non-hydroscopic, making it a clean and safe choice for insulation.

Does Tubolit insulation protect against energy losses? Yes, Tubolit has been proven to effectively minimize energy losses, helping to improve energy efficiency in heating systems.

Can Tubolit insulation protect pipes in different locations? Yes, Tubolit provides protection for pipes situated in cavity walls and under flooring, ensuring comprehensive insulation coverage.

Does Tubolit insulation offer any additional benefits? Besides insulation, Tubolit also enhances acoustic comfort, contributing to a quieter environment along with thermal efficiency.

Brand Tubolit
Dimensional stability 2%
Reaction for fire Class E
Surface temperature range +5°C to +100°C
Thermal conductivity (to BS EN ISO 8497)

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