Timber Cavity Barrier (TCB) Red - All Sizes Fireproof Insulation
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Timber Cavity Barrier (TCB) Red - All Sizes


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  • Up to 1-hour fire integrity, ensuring safety in timber frame constructions.
  • Compliant with Robust Detail Part E and Building Regulations.
  • Easy installation, customizable, and weather-protected for versatile applications.

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Introducing our Timber Cavity Barrier (TCB) in striking Red, available in various sizes and exclusively designed for compression fitting within timber frame cavities. This essential product ensures up to one hour of fire integrity, making it a reliable choice for semi-detached homes, apartments, and major construction projects. Engineered to comply with Robust Detail Part E and Building Regulations, the TCB is a testament to safety and quality. Installation is a breeze, with both vertical and horizontal applications supported. The polythene encapsulation provides on-site weather protection, and its versatility allows for easy customization without compromising performance. Trust in our TCB to meet your fire safety needs, ensuring a secure and compliant construction process.

Key Features

  • Up to one hour fire integrity.
  • Specified in semi-detached, apartments
    and major projects.
  • Complies to Robust Detail Part E and
    Building Regulations.
  • Available in Red colour
  • Available in diffferent Sizes.
  • Easy to install.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Timber Cavity Barrier (TCB)? The TCB is designed to be compression fitted within timber frame cavities to provide fire integrity and comply with building regulations.

How does the TCB perform in terms of fire protection? The TCB offers up to one hour of fire integrity, ensuring a high level of safety in various construction applications.

Are there specific applications for which the TCB is recommended? The TCB is specified for use in semi-detached homes, apartments, and major construction projects, making it a versatile choice for a range of applications.

Is the TCB compliant with any industry standards or regulations? Yes, the TCB complies with Robust Detail Part E and Building Regulations, providing assurance of its quality and adherence to safety standards.

What color options are available for the TCB? The TCB is available in a vibrant Red color, providing both functionality and a visually distinctive choice for construction projects.

Can the TCB be used in both vertical and horizontal applications? Yes, the TCB is versatile and can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications. In vertical installations, both flanges are fixed, while in horizontal applications, only the top flange should be fixed.

How is the TCB installed? Installation is easy, with the flanges fixed to the timber frame using clout nails at 150mm centers. The polythene encapsulation offers on-site weather protection, and it can be cut away without affecting the barrier's performance.

Does the TCB come in different sizes? Yes, the TCB is available in various sizes to accommodate different cavity dimensions, providing flexibility for various construction requirements.

Can the polythene encapsulation be customized or removed on-site? Yes, the polythene encapsulation can be cut away on-site without compromising the barrier's performance, offering flexibility in installation.

brand ARC
fire-rating 1hr
material-type Rockfibre
Thermal Conductivity 0.037 W/mK

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