Profoil 861 Vapour Control Layer - 2m x 50m
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Profoil 861 Vapour Control Layer - 2m x 50m

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  • Aluminium foil core with 7,000 MNs/g vapour resistance.
  • Resistant to chlorine; suitable for high-risk environments.
  • Easy to handle 2m x 50m roll with blue and silver layers.

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Introducing Profoil 861 Vapour Control Layer – your ultimate solution for moisture management in high-risk environments like swimming pools and textile factories! With a heavyweight reinforced design featuring an aluminium foil core, this 2m x 50m roll offers unparalleled water vapour resistance of over 7,000 MNs/g. Worried about corrosive elements like chlorine? Fear not, as our product is specially crafted to be unaffected, thanks to its double-faced polyethylene protection. Weighing just 31kg per roll, it's easy to handle and install. Plus, with a top layer in striking blue and a reflective silver bottom, it not only provides superior functionality but also adds a touch of style to your insulation needs. Trust Profoil 861 for reliable, long-lasting vapour control!

Key Features
• Vapour Resistance > 7,000 MNs/g.
• Unaffected by chlorine.
• Aluminium Foil.
• High Risk-eg Swimming Pools, Textile Factories
• Roll size 2m x 50m. Weight 31kg/roll.
• Colour; Blue (top) Reflective silver (bottom).


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Profoil 861 suitable for all types of insulation? Profoil 861 Vapour Control Layer is compatible with most insulation materials commonly used in construction, including but not limited to mineral wool, PIR boards, and spray foam insulation.

Can Profoil 861 be used in residential settings? While Profoil 861 is designed for high-risk environments like swimming pools and textile factories, it can also be effectively used in residential applications, especially in areas prone to moisture buildup such as basements and crawl spaces.

How does Profoil 861 resist chlorine in swimming pools? Profoil 861 features a special polyethylene protection on both faces of the aluminium foil core, making it highly resistant to corrosive elements like chlorine commonly found in swimming pool environments.

What is the roll size and weight of Profoil 861? Profoil 861 comes in a convenient roll size of 2 meters by 50 meters and weighs approximately 31 kilograms per roll, making it easy to transport, handle, and install.

Is Profoil 861 easy to install? Yes, Profoil 861 is designed for easy installation. It can be cut to size using standard tools and can be affixed using appropriate adhesives or mechanical fixings as per installation guidelines.

Does Profoil 861 offer thermal insulation properties? While Profoil 861 primarily functions as a vapour control layer, its aluminium foil core provides some thermal insulation properties by reflecting radiant heat, enhancing the overall energy efficiency of the insulation system.

Is Profoil 861 environmentally friendly? Profoil 861 is manufactured with consideration for environmental impact and complies with relevant industry standards and regulations regarding sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Can Profoil 861 be used in combination with other insulation materials? Yes, Profoil 861 can be used in conjunction with other insulation materials to enhance overall performance and efficiency, providing comprehensive moisture management and insulation solutions.

Is Profoil 861 suitable for retrofitting existing insulation systems? Yes, Profoil 861 can be retrofitted into existing insulation systems to improve moisture management and enhance overall performance, provided it is installed correctly according to recommended guidelines.

What is the expected lifespan of Profoil 861? When installed correctly and maintained appropriately, Profoil 861 offers long-lasting durability and performance, contributing to the longevity and effectiveness of the overall insulation system.

Brand Proctor
Length 50m
Material Type Polypropylene
Width 2m

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