Polybit Building Paper 1m x 25m (25m2 Roll) Membranes
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Polybit Building Paper 1m x 25m (25m2 Roll)

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  • BS 1521 Class A1 grade with polythene coat
  • Bitumen-bonded, reinforced kraft paper laminate
  • Multi-use for waterproofing, vapor checks, and heavy-duty protection

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This is a traditional, polythene coated, reinforced kraft paper bitumen-bonded, building paper laminate. Manufactured with wet-strength kraft paper and meeting the technical requirements of BS 1521, Class A1F, for water-proof building papers, the product utilises polymer reinforcing scrim.

Novia Polybit is a clear polythene coated version our A1F Standard Building Paper, typically used where conditions require additional strength and durability. 

Unlike many other recent developments in building membranes (eg breathable roof underlays), BS 1521 does not give guidance on suitable use, and as such this product is a generic material, serving a wide range of end-user defined applications. 

However, typical usage for Polybit has naturally evolved over time including for example, vapour checks, underlay on uninsulated cladding, flat lead-sheet underlay, timber floor DPM and heavy-duty temporary protection. 

Key Features

  • BS 1521 Class A1 grade with a polythene coat on one side
  • Bitumen paper, reinforcement scrim and polythene coated laminate
  • Suitable for permanent building applications
  • Traditional product
  • Multi-use adaptable building product
  • Roll size 1.0m x 25m


  • Moisture barrier
  • Underlays on uninsulated cladding
  • Temporary Protection
  • Separation Layers
  • Bond Breaks
  • Draught
  • Damp exclusion barriers


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polybit Building Paper? Polybit Building Paper is a versatile and durable construction material designed for a wide range of building applications. It features a polythene-coated, reinforced kraft paper with a bitumen bond, meeting the technical standards of BS 1521 Class A1F for waterproof building papers.

What are the key features of Polybit Building Paper? Polybit Building Paper is BS 1521 Class A1 grade with a polythene coat on one side, incorporating bitumen paper, reinforcement scrim, and a polythene-coated laminate. It is suitable for permanent building applications, offers traditional reliability, and is adaptable for various end-user defined applications.

What are the typical uses of Polybit Building Paper? Polybit Building Paper finds common applications as a moisture barrier, underlay on uninsulated cladding, temporary protection, separation layers, bond breaks, draught prevention, and damp exclusion barriers. It is also suitable for use as a vapour check, flat lead-sheet underlay, timber floor DPM, and heavy-duty temporary protection.

What sizes are available for Polybit Building Paper? Polybit Building Paper is available in a convenient roll size of 1.0m x 25m, making it suitable for various construction projects while offering ease of handling and installation.

Where can I purchase Polybit Building Paper? Polybit Building Paper is available for purchase at Insulation4less.co.uk, ensuring you get quality building materials for your projects with the convenience of online ordering and delivery.

Is Polybit Building Paper suitable for use in permanent constructions? Yes, Polybit Building Paper is designed for permanent building applications, offering reliable waterproofing and durability to withstand long-term use in construction projects.

Does Polybit Building Paper comply with industry standards? Yes, Polybit Building Paper meets the technical requirements of BS 1521 Class A1F for waterproof building papers, ensuring quality and performance in construction applications.



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Size 1m x 25m
Coverage 25m2
Biological Does not attract insects or vermin
Brand Novia
Certification BS 1521
Colour Brown
Grade A1F Polybit
Liquid water resistance Minimum 24 hours
Material Type Kraft Paper
Permeability Vapour Permeable
Suitable For Permanent building applications
Temperature Stability Over 70°C

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