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Paslode Replacement Battery
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Paslode Replacement Battery

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The Paslode Li-ion Battery is a high-capacity, fast charging Lithium battery for all Paslode Impulse system lithium tools. For use with the Paslode PPN35Ci, IM360, IM65 and IM65A Lithium Nailers. This battery provides up to 7,500 shots per full charge (1 hour), 6,000 shots from a 30 minute charge and 200 shots on just a 2 minute charge.

Key Features

  • High-Capacity Performance
  • Rapid Charging Technology
  • Flexible Charging Options
  • Optimized for Paslode Impulse Tools
  • Long-lasting Durability


Paslode Replacement Ni-MH Battery for the 404717 Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Impulse battery. Suitable for use with the following Paslode Models: IM350+, IM65, IM65A, IM50 and IM45 GN.

Key Features

  • Compatibility
  • High-Capacity Performance
  • Fast Charging
  • Reliable Technology


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Paslode tools are compatible with the Replacement Li-ion Battery? The Replacement Li-ion Battery is compatible with Paslode Impulse system lithium tools, including models like PPN35Ci, IM360, IM65, and IM65A Lithium Nailers.

How many shots can I expect on a full charge? The Paslode Li-ion Battery provides up to 7,500 shots per full one-hour charge, ensuring prolonged usage on your projects.

What is the charging time for the Paslode Li-ion Battery? The battery offers a quick turnaround, with 6,000 shots available on a 30-minute charge and 200 shots on just a 2-minute charge.

Can I use this battery as a replacement for the 404717 Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Impulse battery? No, the Paslode Li-ion Battery is a different type and is not compatible as a replacement for the 404717 NiCd battery. Instead, you should consider the Paslode Replacement Ni-MH Battery for that purpose.

Is there a difference in performance between the Paslode Li-ion Battery and Ni-MH Battery? Yes, the Li-ion Battery offers higher capacity and faster charging compared to the Ni-MH Battery. Choose the one that best fits your tool and project requirements.

Can I use the Paslode Li-ion Battery in cold weather conditions? While lithium batteries generally perform well in cold weather compared to NiCd batteries, it's recommended to check Paslode's guidelines for specific temperature ranges and considerations.

Brand Paslode
Charge Time (Battery) 90 Mins
Weight (Lithium-Ion) 0.165kg
Weight (Ni-MH) 0.185kg

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