Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation (Large Grade) 110 Litre Bag Heating & Plumbing
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Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation (Large Grade) 110 Litre Bag


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Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation (Large Grade) 110 Litre Bag: A naturally occurring mineral, Micafil Vermiculite, is expanded at high temperatures to create aerated particles, comprising 90% air by volume. This loose-fill insulation is effortlessly installed by pouring it straight from the bag, creating a continuous heat-trapping carpet across the entire loft floor.

Micafil's versatility extends beyond loft insulation; mix it with cement for lightweight concrete in roof and floor screeds, thermal insulation behind back-boilers, between chimney flues, and around pipe work. Completely fireproof, non-irritant, and fibre-free, Micafil is easy to install and suitable for various applications, including thermal and acoustic insulation in lofts, between floors, interior cavity walls, and pipe protection.

Key Features

  • Loft insulation
  • Cavity wall fill
  • Laying patio slabs
  • Barbecue base
  • Base material for swimming pool liners
  • Compost additive (improves water retention in tubs and hanging baskets)
  • Fruit and bulb storage
  • Protective packaging
  • Fish bait storage
  • Oil or general spillage


Coverage: 100 Litres = 0.1 Cubic Metres


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation? Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Loft Insulation is a lightweight insulation material in the form of aerated particles, specifically designed for loft spaces. The large-grade variant comes in a 110-litre bag.

How does Micafil Vermiculite work? Micafil Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that, when expanded at high temperatures, creates particles with 90% air by volume. These particles form a loose-fill insulation that can be poured directly from the bag.

Where can I use Micafil Vermiculite Loose Fill Insulation? This insulation is ideal for loft spaces, providing a continuous, heat-trapping carpet of insulation. It's suitable for covering the entire loft floor and easily fills potential heat loss areas.

Can I use Micafil Vermiculite for other applications? Yes, Micafil Vermiculite can be mixed with cement to create lightweight concrete for various applications, including insulating roof and floor screeds, thermal insulation behind back-boilers, between chimney flues, and around pipe work.

Is Micafil Vermiculite easy to install? Yes, the free-running properties of Micafil Vermiculite make it simple to install. You can pour it straight from the bag, and it will flow into and over potential heat loss areas in the loft.

Is Micafil Vermiculite fireproof? Yes, Micafil Vermiculite is completely fireproof, providing an additional layer of safety for your insulation needs.

Is Micafil Vermiculite non-irritant and fibre-free? Yes, Micafil Vermiculite is non-irritant and fibre-free, making it a safe and user-friendly insulation choice.

Can I use Micafil Vermiculite for acoustic insulation? While primarily designed for thermal insulation, Micafil Vermiculite's free-flowing properties make it useful for some acoustic applications, such as reducing sound transmission between floors.

Brand Dupre
Coverage 100 Litres = 0.1 Cubic Metres
Feature Thermal
Insulation Type Loose Fill

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