GL2 Metal stud fixing bracket (100 per box) Walls & Ceilings
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GL2 Metal stud fixing bracket (100 per box)

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This is a small-sized bracket used for fixing plasterboards to mf ceilings or metal studding. A single box comprises of 100 brackets.

Metal stud fixing brackets allow for building higher walls apart from providing higher impact resistance. Perfect for domestic as well as commercial applications, these quality studs offer an added sort of strength. Metal stud is a lot lighter than the timber stud and has a range of benefits. It is easier to fit as well easier to cut through a pair of tin-snips. This will curb down the amount of time required to install a metal stud wall, compared to any timber stud wall. Building a metal stud wall is also a lot cleaner than building a timber stud wall in a workplace, as it will not be cluttered with bits of cuts and shavings.

Once the stud wall is created, it can then be fitted with plasterboards and door frames with gyproc drywall screws. The plasterboard then can either be joint taped or skimmed to a finish. This can also be insulated for heating and soundproofing.

There are assorted kinds of metal stud systems that are utilized to form a framework to which any plasterboard can be set. This is a swifter installation method and a lot cheaper than using timber battons. These can either be utilized in horizontal ceiling applications/ MF Ceilings or vertical wall (Wall Linings/ Partitions). There also exist Metal Stud Frameworks for the purpose of ceiling applications. These are also called as Gypliner Systems and MF Ceiling.


  1. Build Higher Walls
  2. Higher Impact Resistance
  3. Offer Strength
  4. Perfect for All Sorts of Applications

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